Release Notes and Changelog

In this article, you can check Voucherify latest updates.

What's new in version v20211006

Released in October 2021

What's new:
  • Big refactor of the distributions backend preparing the Distribution Manager for new features (coming soon).
  • Improved error handling in customer cockpits.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix for free shipping discount in Voucherify <> BigCommerce plugin.
  • Fix for transferring points between loyalty cards when one of them was redeemed at least once.

What's new in version v20210913

Released in October 2021

What's new:
  • Geofenced campaigns in the dashboard. We've released a new enterprise feature enabling you to run location-based campaigns and reward customers on the move. With geofencing, you can pass the current locations of your customers or products and use it when validating promotion rules. Read more.

  • Improved metadata export to let you download particular metadata properties instead of all assigned metadata. 
  • SKU-based unit discounts are now available in the BigCommerce <> Voucherify integration.
  • More test campaigns and features are available in our test e-store connected to your Sandbox account. Read more about the Showcase.
  • New API for bulk operations which are now handled asynchronously. 

Bug fixes:

  • Backend fixes for listing redemptions to improve performance.
  • Fixes for webhooks triggered by redemption.succeeded event. Promotion tier data returns now the proper value of action property.

What's new in version v20210826

Released in September 2021

What's new:
  • New Welcome page. From now on, after logging in to Voucherify, the user will be greeted by a new page. The new Welcome page includes information such as Hot News, Roadmap, useful links, etc.
  • New Notification Center. From now on, Voucherify has a more readable and user-friendly Notification Center.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixes for Discounted items view when a large number of objects is added

What's new in version v20210806

Released in August 2021

What's new:
  • New API for BigCommerce. The latest Voucherify plugin for BigCommerce enables end customers to apply multiple gift cards at the checkout. Besides gift cards and discounts available in the former versions, the new plugin supports a fixed price discounts. You can read more in this guide
  • The date-time when a campaign or code was created is now returned by API and displayed in the dashboard.
  • Improvements in the Campaign Manager. The default number of redemptions for gift cards is now set to unlimited.
  • A batch of backend changes to add a new stacking API. With the new API, you'll be able to redeem multiple codes and discounts with a single API call. The stacking API will be available soon for all Voucherify users.

What's new in version v20210726

Released in August 2021

What's new:
  • New Sandbox mode with a free project for testing purposes. Sandbox API requests don't count into your account limits of API calls and redemptions. Read more.
  • Refactor of Custom Events API to improve performance.
  • Support for arrays in CSV imports. You can pass arrays metadata when importing CSV files with customers' or vouchers' data.
  • New webhooks that notify about changes in validation rules.
  • The batch of backend changes preparing new Sandbox for connecting test e-store. At the end of August 2021, Sandbox projects will be connected to the test e-store. The Showcase presents how the integration between Voucherify and customer touchpoints works in practice. 
  • Improved mapping of CSV column headers when importing CSV files.
  • Purging metadata removed from products, vouchers, and customers schema is now managed asynchronously.
  • New API for SKUs and new Get SKU endpoint. Read more.
Bug fixes
  • Fixes for distribution drafts when the audience is not defined yet.
  • Fixes for ActiveCampaign distributions to better present distribution statistics and handle errors.

What's new in version v20210705

Released in July 2021

What's new:
  • Timeframes for loyalty earning rules and promotion levels (tiers). Each promotion level and loyalty earning rule can have its individual start and expiration date. 

    In the campaign dashboard, you can instantly disable and enable each promotion level or earning rule. Moreover, in our API, you can find new endpoints for disabling and enabling tiers or earning rules.

  • New discount type – Fixed price applied to items. You can define new prices for particular products or collections that will be set when redeeming the discount. Read more.

  • New metadata schema for order items metadata. From now on, you can pass metadata attributes attached to order items and use them to build custom validation rules.

  • We've added a predefined product collection that gathers all existing and incoming products.

  • Improved promotion API – when validating a promotion, the API response returns a campaign object with details of the promotion that the validated tier belongs to.

  • Improved backend for listing orders using created_at filter.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed unsetting metadata in the Campaign Manager.
  • Fixed showing discount effects on campaign drafts.
  • Fixed popup informing about the instant effect of unassigning validation rules.

What's new in version v20210524

Released in June 2021

What's new:
  • Product collections are available in your dashboard. You can group products into static and dynamic collections using standard and custom (metadata) filters. Read more.

  • New validation rules connected to product collections. There is a new component for choosing included (discounted) and excluded products, and also new validation rules that use product filters and collections to model the required cart structure. Read more.

  • Improved manual distributions and building new customer segments. From now on, you can see a syncing status next to the segment name. Syncing means checking if your existing customers meet the criteria of the new segment. In distributions, messages won't be sent until the syncing is completed. 

  • New Logs section in the dashboard. We've added a new dashboard with a detailed history of your project. You can see logs and errors sorted by their origin, status, and time frame. Read more.

  • You can now stack many discounts by applying them to the same order. By using the order id or order source_id in redemption requests, you can apply many promo codes and in-cart discounts to the selected order. Detailed order view presents all redemptions and details of applied discounts. Read more.
  • Improved Apply to items discount effect. When you choose to apply a discount to items you can now decide if the discount should be applied to items defined by validation rules or to each item in the cart. If you choose to apply the discount to each item, all items will be discounted, except for items added to excluded products. 

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed creating new cart-level promotions using the API.
  • Fixed displaying Wallet tab in the customer's profile. 
  • Fixed error handling when importing soft-deleted codes.

What's new in version v20210518

Released in May 2021

What's new:
  • New field in the redemptions CSV export. You can now download the customer's name alongside other redemption data.
  • Multiple changes optimizing our API. We made a refactor of the Project Settings to improve performance.

What's new in version v20210428

Released in May 2021

What's new:
  • New Async Actions API to track all asynchronous actions scheduled in your Projects (CSV imports, and more).
  • More birthdate filters to let you celebrate the particular birthdays of your customers. You can use them to trigger a message with a birthday gift when a customer celebrates their 60th, 18th, or other "special" birthday. 
  • We keep extending Orders API with new improvements to prepare for stacking discounts
  • More export options when pulling voucher data via CSV. You can now download complete information about each generated code using this API endpoint.
  • Improved UI for selecting discounted products in the Campaign Manager.
  • Improved error handler for listing Customers. We've added information about errors 431 and 414 that occur when the filtering query is too complex.
  • With more Campaign filters, you can now search for the particular campaign by typing its name. Read more here.
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed approving new promotion tiers by the managing user when a team member with limited rights requests approval.
  • From now on, expiration dates are set right at the moment you create a campaign/promotion. It enables you to put short time frames on incentives with the option to Keep valid for a specific amount of time after publishing.
  • Fixed validation of integers for date and date-time filters created in the Dashboard.
  • Fixed functionality of overwriting a validation rule for a single code.

What's new in version v20210407

Released in May 2021

What's new:
  • New discount type. Use Fixed order amount discount to set a fixed total on the whole cart (1). Discount will be calculated dynamically based on a predefined fixed amount value (2). For example, if a fixed amount is set to $10 and the order amount equals $25, then the discount will be $15. Read more
  • Lots of changes optimizing our API, we made a refactor of redemption and validation endpoints to improve performance.
  • Backend for product collections that are coming soon to the UI. We're working on adding product collections to the validation rules builder. As a result, you'll be able to build collections using dynamic filters and add predefined product collections to campaign rules. 
  • Close button added to the toaster with dashboard notifications.


  • The new version of our mobile application with a batch of improvements, including publishing unique codes. 

  • Fixed initial redemption limit settings for the predefined gift cards campaign.
  • Fixed displaying referee rewards in the referral campaign dashboard.

What's new in version v20210330

Released in April 2021

What's new:
  • More discount effects. You can now split discounts and apply them to specific items proportionally. Discounts can be proportional to the item amount or item quantity in the customer's cart. Read more.

  • Birthdate filters for customers. You can create customer segments based on birthdate conditions. This feature enables you to launch birthday campaigns in many configurations, with automatic messages, and birthday discounts. Read more
  • Improved validation for combinations of different discount types and effects.
  • From now on, the campaign dashboard presents information about the discount effect attached to the codes.
  • Improved styling of images you can add to your products via the dashboard.
  • New filter in the Vouchers section to list standalone codes. Read more.

  • Improved backend responsible for customers import via CSV.

Bug fixes:

  • A batch of small fixes in the user interface styles.

What's new in version v_20210319

Released in April 2021

What's new:
  • New editor in the dashboard for filtering customers and building customer segments.

    Learn how to use new filters editor.

  • Improved backend for adding vouchers to an existing campaign.
  • Improvements on distributions backend and more automatic API tests.
  • Fundamentals of new test e-store which you'll be able to connect to a sandbox project. The new test online store will be implemented similarly to our showcase app. Visit the roadmap for more details.
  • Improved forms in Voucherify landing pages. You can choose between English and Spanish language for non-editable form components. 

  • Redesigned rollbacks backend and new API tests. 
Bug fixes:
  • Minor fixes in the discount effect feature.
  • Fixed promotions API to make sure that validate and redeem methods return consistent responses.
  • Fixes in redemption tests.

What's new in version v20210305

Released in March 2021

What's new:
  • Discount Effects – when creating campaigns you can now decide if the discount should be applied to the whole order or to particular order items. Moreover, product-specific discounts can be applied in two different ways:
    • To order line items – a discount is applied to each discounted item.
    • Per order line items proportionally – the discount is divided and applied to discounted items proportionally to their share in the total amount. 

    Here's the API documentation and the User Guide on Effects.

  • New Filters Editor in Redemptions, Vouchers, Campaigns, and Products view. The new Editor enables you to filter resources based on built-in attributes and custom metadata. This improvement is the big step towards introducing product collections.

  • New filters in Qualifications API. You can check if your customers qualify for a promotion or discount and filter the results using new queries. Now, advanced qualification queries can show you what codes/campaigns from a particular category, type, or with specific metadata can be redeemed by a customer. 
  • Advanced validation filters for in-cart promotions. New filters enable you to limit results of validation to specific promotion ID or tier metadata. 
  • Massive improvements on our backend to improve auto-updates of customer segments. As a result, eligible segments are automatically saved in the customer profile.
  • Changes in the Campaigns backend to seamlessly handle big updates and voucher edits. 
  • More automatic tests in our API.
  • Disabled edits of a discount type after the in-cart promotion is already created. 
Bug fixes:
  • Blocked referral code redemption when the customer data is missing.
  • Fixed broken validation for some customer segment filters.
  • Fixed UI label for a validation rule that counts daily code redemptions to make it clear that the app validates daily usage of a single code per customer. New label:  Redemptions per customer per code per day.

What's new in version v20210219

Released in March 2021

In this work cycle, the majority of changes were made in our backed. These improvements prepare Voucherfy for significant features that will be available within the next weeks. 

What's new:

  • The redesigned backend of the redemption process structure, preparing for incoming stacking discounts feature. 
  • The batch of improvements in validation rules backend and new API tests for the validation rules engine.
  • New backend improvements in the processes of user profile authorization. We keep developing authorization updates to make sure we secure your account and data the best possible way.
  • Massive improvements of products and SKU backend. This batch of changes is a step forward in introducing product collections.  
  • More filters in Distributions Activity. From now on, you can filter distribution history by Actions and Effects. Actions present all maintenance and internal actions, while Effects give you insights on sent messages and their receivers.
  • New icon for a percentage discount in the Campaign Manager.
  • Improved notification when hourly API calls limit is close to being exceeded. Current information presented in UI and email content clarifies that API calls for synced actions between Voucherify and BigCommerce, ActiveCampaign, or Shopify are counted towards a separate API calls limit.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed campaign created event to properly save and pass campaign id.
  • Fixed issue with creating a new segment in the Distribution Manager.  
  • Fix validation of the reward price in points field in the Loyalty Campaign Manager. Validation blocks adding reward with the wrong data type (only numbers are allowed). Each reward in a loyalty campaign can be assigned to a predefined number of points greater than 0.

What's new in version v20210211

Released in February 2021

What's new:
  • A batch of backend improvements to boost distribution performance.
  • The improved process of creating material rewards. Using the new feature, you can overwrite a product image while adding the product as a material reward. As a result, each of your material rewards can have a dedicated image. 
  • More metadata improvements and automatic tests in Products API.
  • New functionalities in the Codes Import. You can now include the current gift card balance or loyalty card score in your CSV file and import them to your existing campaigns.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixes in the distributions Analytics tab to improve chart metrics.
  • Fixed a distribution results display when using webhooks. 

What's new in version v20210124

Released in February 2021

What's new:

  • From now on, Voucherify treats SKUs as products. It means that SKU inherits the metadata assigned to the product and combines product and SKU attributes. As a result, the app validates SKUs against product-specific rules:
    • validation process executes rules built with product metadata against all product SKUs;
    • if you define a rule discount applicable to a specific product id, the discount will be applied to the product and all product SKUs,
    • if you define a rule discount applicable to based on product metadata, the discount will be applied to the product or/and SKU with matching metadata attribute. Go here to read more.
  • Improved error handling for Customers' CSV import.
  • A new batch of automatic tests for our API.
  • You can now decide what code formats you want to use in the MailChimp distribution (text, QR, or/and barcode).
  • The batch of backend and UI changes resulted in the new Activity tab in the detailed order view. Straight from the dashboard, you can be up-to-date with the order history and status changes.
  • The new popup reminds you about an active distribution that sends the message once you publish a new code.
  • New features for Pay with Points Reward in Loyalty Programs: 
    • You can use three decimal places while defining the exchange ratio for the Pay with Points reward. 
    • You can map a custom number of points to a predefined cash amount.

Bug fixes:

  • Improved rounding discounts in cart-level promotions.
  • Fixed minor issues with SKU validation schema.
  • UI fixes in referral program view for proper cents conversion and displaying gift credits as a referee reward.
  • Minor fixes in our MailChimp integration to improve the performance.
  • Fixed searching vouchers with special characters via the UI search bar.

What's new in version v20210106

Released in January 2021

What's new in the User Interface:

  • Improved MailChimp integration UI to make it more user-friendly and consistent with MailChimp definitions. You can now see Audiences instead of Lists or Webhooks, and your Audiences names in the Voucherify segments builder.
  • A new Activity tab in the distribution detailed view for more in-depth insights and better tracking results. You can see the distribution status, and updates including who and when received the messages.
  • A new message box in the distribution manager informs that messages will be re-sent after updating the manual distribution.
  • Styling improvements in Metadata Schema and Customer Activity tab.

What's new in the API:

  • More detailed error messages for the Customers endpoint. Now, API returns more meaningful error information if the request body is invalid to help you fix your requests faster.
  • New attributes in the order object: total_discount_amount, and total_amount in the Validations and Redemptions API response body. With this batch of changes, the stacking discounts from multiple promotions are coming soon!

Bug fixes:

  • The Reward name and Reward value are back as variables usable in the email editor.
  • Fixed metadata filters including filtering array properties with the date and date-time type.
  • Resolved the issue of blocking users while trying to add a new property to the campaign metadata schemas after changing the Add new property button status.

Changelog of v20201229.1 and former versions

Released 2017-2020

Since January 2021 Voucherify Team presents release notes in a new format with more details split into UI and API updates. The changelog below shows the majority of big updates in our app made within 2017-2020.

December 2020

Now, you can log into Voucherify using the SAML protocol, therefore via a different security domain. This feature is available on request for Enterprise plans.

A new tab dedicated to customer activity was added to each customer profile in Voucherify.

October 2020

New Distribution Manager UI and analytics

The Distributions UI was streamlined to make it easier for you to launch trigger-based code delivery. We have also added new metrics to the distribution analysis tabs. 

September 2020

List Customer Segments

This new API endpoint is going to return all segments to which a given customer belongs.

September 2020

Source id for Braze Integration 

From now on, each code publication has a unique source id which ensures that Vocherify always sends only one code even if the request is unintentionally multiplied by Braze. It prevents sending subsequent codes to the same customer.     

September 2020

Advanced and Basic Validation Rules

To simplify the use of validation rules, you can choose between an advanced builder with all available rules or use a shorter version with the most popular rules for the given campaign type. 

September 2020

Discount Effects

For every unit discount, you can decide on a discount effect that is either always going to add a free item to the order or not, depending on what customers have in their carts. 

September 2020

Instant Win for Giveaways

Now, you can base the rules of the giveaway draw on the sign-up order. For instance, you can decide that every third person wins a reward, e.g., a discount coupon. 

July 2020

Nested Metadata and Arrays 

To extend Voucherify customization capabilities, you can use nested metadata and arrays. This feature comes in handy if predefined Voucherify objects do not match your business logic and you need to create metadata objects from scratch. 

July 2020

Multi-factor Authentication

In order to protect your account better, now you may use multi-factor authentication for each login attempt. If the configuration is enabled, each user before the next login will be obligated to set up the second mechanism for authentication (Google Authenticator, backup codes, or SMS verification codes).

May 2020

Pay with loyalty points

Now, the API accepts loyalty codes redemption the same way Voucherify operates with gift cards. The end-customers will be able to cover a part of the payment in a connected checkout form by applying a loyalty card id as a gift card/coupon code.

May 2020

Proportional Assignment of Loyalty Points

You can now assign a proportional number of points for customers who made an order in your loyalty program. For instance, you may establish that for each dollar spent, a customer should get 2 loyalty points.

May 2020

Beta Integration with Google Ads

By connecting Google Ads with Voucherify, you can effectively promote your campaigns and landing pages via Promotions Extensions functionality. Contact support to get access to this integration.

April 2020

Loyalty Program Tiers

You can use loyalty tiers to easily create loyalty programs with different levels of membership and varied earning rules and rewards based on customers' tiers.

March 2020

Brightpearl Partnership

Voucherify is now an integral part of the Brightpearl solution for e-commerce. Visit Brightpearl to learn more.

February 2020

Segment integration

Now customer data collected and stored in Segment can be easily shared with Voucherify and used to launch targeted promotions based on relevant and up-to-date data.

December 2019

Custom error messages

Now you can set up custom error messages per validation rule. It's a great way to let your customers know why they are unable to validate or redeem a voucher.

November 2019

New validation rule 'Redemption Count per API'

Check the validation rules section to use the new rule that limits redemption allowed per given API key giving you greater control over your cooperation with affiliates and merchants. 

November 2019

Clone Campaign feature

If you need to release a similar or exact same campaign, you don't have to create it from scratch. Just clone the campaign and that's it! You can do so by choosing the 'clone campaign' option in the top right corner in the Campaign detailed view.

November 2019

New look and flow of coupon and gift card campaigns

Visit the brand-new campaign manager to experience the improved flow and look of coupon and gift card creators.

November 2019

Email anti-fraud options for landing pages

To protect you from users misusing your landing page to receive multiple codes, we have introduced several safety checks that you can enable/disable in landing page settings.

October 2019

New cart-level promotions look and flow

Explore promotion stacking possibilities in the revamped cart-level promotions manager. 

October 2019

Voucherify Cookbook

We have released a special campaign directory that shows you how to run specific types of campaigns step-by-step. Visit it to learn something new or to get some inspiration for your next campaign!

October 2019

Powered-up loyalty programs

To meet your needs, we revamped our loyalty programs to enable features such as:

October 2019

Moltin partnership 

Moltin offers tailored solutions for e-commerce and now you can easily integrate Voucherify with Moltin to allow smooth data transfer and easy code redemption at Moltin-hosted stores. 

October 2019

Platform monitoring feature

Visit your Project Setting to monitor your API usage. Don't worry though, if you ever exceed your quotas just reach out to us.

October 2019

New campaign type: giveaways!

Reach out to us to get early access to a brand-new campaign type that allows you to run fun giveaways, engaging online contests and lucky draw programs. 

September 2019

Double Opt-In for Landing Pages

Out of concern for GDPR, we introduced a "Double Opt-In" feature. This option is enabled by default and is used to verify your customers by sending them a confirmation email. Read more here.

July 2019

Brand Details and Marketing Permissions

Voucherify is a GDPR-compliant software - that’s why now we offer you the possibility to provide your brand details (necessary for distribution) and create your own consents and marketing permissions. All of these options are available in your Project Settings.

July 2019

New customization possibilities of customers’ cockpits

Now you can be in full control of what your customers see in their individual cockpits:

July 2019

Beta Integration with Google Analytics 

Now you are able to track your campaign with the help of one of the best tracking tools available. Gain access to this feature by getting in touch with our support team!

July 2019

New validation rules  

Now you can have even bigger control over your campaign with two brand new validation rules:

17th June 2019

New Landing Pages Creator

We are proud to announce a new feature that allows you to design, publish and track landing pages - Landing Pages Creator. Stay tuned for more information in our monthly newsletter!

17th June 2019   

Discount qualification

Now you can see a list of Vouchers ( standalone and bulk) a specific Customer is eligible for.

17th June 2019    

Metadata bulk update

Modify custom fields for up to 100 Vouchers, Customers, or Products.

6th June  

Erase metadata in bulk

You can erase added metadata fields using bulk delete right from the Dashboard.

6th June  

Material rewards in loyalty programs    

You can add material rewards (integrated with Products) to your Loyalty Program incentive catalog.

26th April 

New mobile app

Create offline points of sales/redemptions as part of your online-to-offline strategy. Your staff at the location can redeem codes from your campaigns, validating order structure and customer attributes too. Download the app for free and invite your customers to redeem their incentives in-store. 

26th April 

Detailed referral reports

Each referral program now has a separate dashboard with metrics and stats presenting its current performance. You can see the top referrers, triggered rewards in numbers, revenue from referees, and other meaningful insights.

26th April 

Loyalty Programs   

Follow the loyalty campaign User Guide, to learn more about the new feature and to explore how you can use it to complement other promotions and to eventually increase customer engagement.

18th March 

More rewards for referred customers 

Flexible double-sided referral programs let you reward both sides with a whole variety of incentives including discounts and gift card credits. 

18th March 

Referral programs with custom events 

2nd February

Integration with Active Campaign   

You can now send codes to your customers in ActiveCampaign by using standard distributions or using ActiveCampaign as a part of the referral program (distribution channel for rewards). Read more details.

2nd February

New manager to build customer segments  

Now building customer segments and dividing your audience is even easier. You can implement your custom segments and be sure that Voucherify updates them on the fly.

2nd February

New Help Center 

More articles, more video tutorials and  brand- new list of FAQs. Still, if you can't find what you need, it's very important for us to hear about it. Contact us here.

2nd February

New Referral Campaign Manager   

We simplified the Referral Campaign Manager and added new features to the referral setup. From now on, you can define referral conversion using custom events tracked by Voucherify (e.g. new customer signed up). Moreover, you can reward both referrer and new customers with gift card credits.

30th November 2018

New validation rules design 

We’ve also extended validation rules capabilities from the API point of view:

30th November  2018

Distribution with webhooks 

With distribution webhooks, you can use any marketing tool or channel to notify your customers about promotional campaigns.

30th November  2018

BigCommerce Integration beta  

Voucherify promo campaigns can now be synced with BigCommerce stores. The beta version awaits you. Let us know if you’re interested in getting early access to this feature by sending us a  request  here

16th August   

Time & date in validation rules

With this extension, you can create promotions that are only valid within specific timeframes. E.g. the promotion is active every day in July from 1 pm to 4 pm or the coupon is valid only on Thursdays. Read more on this in our Help Center article.

16th August    

Instant "sorry" coupons for Intercom

With Voucherify integration, you can trigger a personalized "sorry" coupon to a customer who's just filed a complaint. Apologize instantly right from the Messenger window, before any negative mentions start harming your brand. Read how to retain your customers with Voucherify and Intercom.

16th August    

"Publish" with new powers

We've made quite a few changes to publish endpoint. From now on, you can:

this article

10th April

GDPR readiness

In the last weeks, we’ve been working on making Voucherify GDPR compliant. We expect our platform to be GDPR-ready before May 25th, 2018. Go here to learn more details.

15th March      

Email/SMS performance tracking

Each distribution is now supplied with charts presenting message deliverability metrics. 

15th March       

Metadata fields with dates and numbers

Enhance your metadata schema with “date” and “number” data types. Use new fields for customer segment filters.

15th March       

Campaign approval workflow

Allow managers to approve the campaigns created by your team members before it goes live.

15th March       

New onboarding tutorial

To familiarize new users with Voucherify’s key features and workflows, we’ve prepared an interactive “getting started” tutorial.

15th March       

Custom roles

Build a multi-level team structure to collaborate with many affiliates and keep your data safe. With the Voucherify roles directory, you can decide which actions and data particular users have access to. 

15th March       

Loyalty program fired off!

Each customer in your Voucherify database has now a predefined gift card to collect balance as a part of a loyalty program. You can load it with referral campaign rewards. Keep your finger on the pulse, more loyalty features are coming soon!

15th March       

WooCommerce integration

A simple plugin to create personalized coupons for your WooCommerce store. If you need inspiration and promotion ideas, visit our blog.

16th January

Cart-level promotions

You can apply  discounts automatically based on whether the customer's shopping cart has met certain criteria. The criteria can include several parameters such as if an order contains specific products, the total price exceeds a given value, or if the customer belongs to a particular segment.

16th January 

Coupon reminders

Reminders are automatic messages sent to customers if they haven't redeemed their codes in a specific timeframe. Reminders are set while creating your distribution in the 7th step of the Manager. They allow you to remind customers about unredeemed vouchers via SMS, emails, and the Intercom channel. 

16th January 

Braze integration

Voucherify Braze integration enables you to send vouchers with your Braze account. 

16th January 

Coupons valid in specific timeframes

In Voucherify, you can now set time restrictions for a campaign on two levels:

16th January 

Customer import – new manager

We've improved this feature to make customer import easier. You can use a simple manager which guides you through the process and enables you to import customers with all needed data.

15th December 2017

Custom events

Custom events are actions taken by your customers. You can use them to track shoppers' behavior and then build highly personalized coupon deals.

15th December 2017

Product metadata

From now on, you can map your product catalog structure into Voucherify. In this way, you can come up with more fine-grained product-specific validation rules.

15th December 2017

MMS QR codes

The Twilio integration now supports sending an MMS with the QR code. Take a look at the other MMS designer capabilities in this article.

15th December 2017

Better customer filtering

The customers' endpoint lets you filter the data with new fields: name, email, and city. See the endpoint reference.

15th December 2017

Distributions with Mailgun

Next to Mandrill and SendGrid, you can now send emails with your Mailgun account.

15th December 2017

Magento integration

If you want to get early access to the Magento extension, you can request it here.

6th October 2017

Intercom distribution and customer base sync

We supplied Voucherify with another massive integration. This time we enabled you to send messages from the dashboard to your Intercom customers. Thanks to the customer sync, you can distribute messages with codes automatically. Follow this link to learn more.

6th October 2017

Monitor orders in the dashboard

From now on, you have an overview of all orders and their details. On top of that, you can use them to create new validation rules (see the next section).

6th October 2017

New validation rules

In response to your requests, we have added more validation rules. You can now set:

6th October 2017

Timezone and currency

Voucherify automatically configures the currency and time of your campaigns by using your location. As a result, messages with discounts and gift cards’ balance will be displayed in a local currency, and a campaign’s timing will fit your time zone. 

11th August 2017

Viewer and Merchant role

We have introduced these 2 roles to give you more flexibility when mapping your distribution workflow with Voucherify. Read our recent post: Scaling coupon distribution or how do you eat a herd of elephants to learn more about this use case. Don’t forget to check the Help Center to get instructions: merchant role | affiliate coupon scheme

11th August 2017

Display your coupons everywhere

Now with a little help from our JavaScript snippet, you can place a coupon widget on pretty much every website. It allows you to publish unique codes from specific campaigns in exchange for an email address and other customer data. See the example of placing the coupon widget on one of the landing pages managed by Unbounce.

11th August 2017


We’ve equipped Distributions Manager with another channel. From now on, next to email and SMS you can deliver coupons with the live chat window of Intercom. The channel works for both manual and dynamic send-outs. Check out the demo here

11th August 2017

Metadata schema -validation (beta)

Sometimes you want to enforce structure and format of your custom fields. In this case, the metadata schema validator should help. You’ll be able to define:


11th August 2017

New validation rules

The latest release also adds more validation rules which should help you target your campaigns even better:

11th August 2017

New API version and examples

A couple of weeks ago we released a new API version. It offers some improvements when it comes to response format. If you want to check it out, read how to perform the upgrade.

You can see new API and new features in action at refreshed examples section. Amongst others: Stripe integration, Voucherify.js new capabilities, cart integration - visit examples.

They’re all hosted on platform which makes them super interactive. Play around with them and let us know should you have any questions.

8th June 2017

Automatically deliver coupons to MailChimp lists

After your suggestions, we have refined the way the distribution manager handles MailChimp send out; from now on, it’s as easy as selecting an MC list, defining the conditions to trigger a message, and choosing the respective coupon campaign. You can use manual delivery or set up an automatic trigger based on customer segments.

8th June 2017

Send referral program rewards automatically via email

With this improvement, you don’t have to configure a  webhook to send a reward for a referrer via email. The new feature will enable you to use your Mandrill or Sendgrid account, or use our internal email mechanism.

8th June 2017

Set up a custom domain for distribution emails

The recent DKIM integration allows you to send our distribution and referral emails on your behalf. Read the tutorial to learn how to set it up.

8th June 2017

Validation rules can be modified in UI and API

The validation rules can be edited with the dashboard or through the API at any time. This can be done for a single voucher as well as for the whole campaign. So if you want to relax or tighten up the business criteria for a running campaign, you can do it in real-time.  
It’s worth noting that the history of all such changes can be viewed in the dashboard. You can now see who introduced the modification and what were the previous attributes.

8th June 2017

Voucherify.js 2.0

We’ve upgraded our web widget. The new version offers a new “publish form” which allows you to display and assign unique codes to customers right on your landing pages. Learn more here or see the docs.

8th June 2017

Add customers through the dashboard

Apart from the API and CSV import tool the marketing team can add customers manually. Just go to the Customers section and open a new customer form. 

8th June 2017

Salesforce and WooCommerce integrations

We’ve prepared 2 beta Zapier integrations which will help you keep customers from Salesforce and  Woocomerce . Every time a new customer is added to your CRM, the Zaps will automatically create a counterpart in Voucherify.

4th May 2017

Email your coupon codes automatically

We’re happy to announce one of our biggest milestones so far.  
When you log in to the dashboard, you’ll notice a distribution section in the navigation. This feature is responsible for a key element of coupon lifecycle - code delivery.  
How does it help you? In a nutshell, it automates coupon delivery via   email or via SMS.  
How does it actually work? 
The distribution section bridges the gap between coupon generation and tracking. It allows you to define when and how the codes should be delivered to your customers. Once you create a campaign, you can go to Distributions view and follow the creator to specify how you want to share the codes.  

We do know that every business and every promotion is different. That’s why we built this feature having full flexibility of the solution in mind which means that you can customize your delivery process using a number of parameters such  as:  

  • email provider: Mandrill and SendGrid or directly with Voucherify  
  • SMS provider: Twilio and CM Telecom  
  • customer segments:   
  • manual send-out to a segment (e.g. send a unique code to all London-based customers)  
  • automatic send-out (e.g. send a code when a customer joins a segment)  
  • MailChimp sync (e.g. send a code when a customer joins a MailChimp list)  
  • message template visual composer (attach a call to action button, merge tags, images, links, opt-out URL) 
    • SAML mechanism
    • Improved customer activity overview
    • personalized and automated notifications,
    • webhooks plug-in,
    • monitoring of loyalty program members' activity,
    • transfer of points between different cards.
    • Choose which campaigns are hidden/displayed.
    • Modify colors to fit your brand’s style.
    • Hide Voucherify logos and our Privacy Policy
    • Any order item's product metadata satisfy.
    • Each order item's product metadata satisfy.
  • Convert new users and send rewards based on performed events. A new type of referral program counts customers as referred when they take a particular action in your app or website. Read the exemplary use-case inspired by Uber.
      - Create any AND/OR combination between rules.     
      - Assign a single validation rule to multiple campaigns.
    • Publish multiple vouchers with a single request.
    • Publish a voucher through multiple channels.
    • Use the "publish" event as a trigger for a new distribution.

    Go to for details on how to enable it in your account.

    • By using the start and expiration date (the 4th stage in the Campaign Manager).
    • By scheduling recurrent time periods when the coupon is valid (the 4th stage in the Campaign Manager). As a result, before the coupon expires, redemption will be possible only within the specified time windows.
    • max redemptions per customer per day,
    • max redemptions per merchant,
    • upper limit of discounted amount (maximum order value which allows customer for a coupon redemption),
    • redemptions count per mobile app operator,
    • limits based on a campaign’s budget:
        - total amount of all related orders
        - total discounted amount of all related orders
        - total redeemed Gift amount
        - count of redemptions among the whole campaign
    • Which metadata field is optional
    • What’s the type of the field (text, numeric, boolean)
    • Additional, type-dependent constraints (text length, number lesser/greater than, has any value and more)

    Learn more with this in the Help Center.

    • The specific number of redemptions per day - every single voucher be it from a campaign or a standalone one can be limited X times per customer per day. This rule is the first step to more advanced calendar-based promotion engine, watch out for new validation rules soon.
    • Discount applicable for a specific product only - imagine that a customer has several items in their cart and you want to discount only one of them, leaving the prices of others unchanged. This can be achieved by selecting this option while defining product/SKU validation rules.
    • Redeem only at a specific merchant - as you’ve learned in the previous section, we have added a new role - Merchant. Now you can limit redemptions to be possible only at specific merchants. You can use it to create geolocated promotions when the coupon can be redeemed at specific places. 
    • Only when you explicitly “published” a coupon to a specific customer - sometimes even if you use unique coupons, the code can still be leaked. To prevent it, we introduced a new validation rule which blocks the code’s usage if the customer’s profile (e.g. email address) doesn’t match.
  • distribution channel: email and SMS 
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