Create a subscription

First, create an account by signing up to Voucherify. You'll have 30 days to test Voucherify with a free Sandbox project and test e-store. 

Each subscription starts with a free trial. You can play around with the platform and test it for free. After creating the account and logging in, you have access to the test (Sandbox) project. If you'll upgrade from the trial to a paid plan, the Sandbox project will be visible in your projects list but won't be counted to your projects limit. Learn more about the Sandbox mode.

How can I continue my subscription after the trial?

Your account starts with a free 30-days trial. If you would like to continue using Voucherify after this period, you can upgrade to one of our paid plans

The process is self-service, follow these steps:
  • Visit the billing section in your Team Settings
  • Select a plan
  • Fill out the credit card form and company details, then click CREATE SUBSCRIPTION (sometimes the credit card form may take a while to show up)

How can I update my pricing plan?

The process is self-service. To update your subscription follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the billing section in your Team Settings
  2. Hit "Update Plan"

3. Fill out the credit card form, company details and confirm.

If you're interested in custom limits or features, contact us to set up a call on the Enterprise plan.

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