Sandbox and Showcase (test mode)

Test mode

Each Voucherify account has a Sandbox project which is not included in your project limit. You can run your promo campaigns and try out Voucherify capabilities during a free 30-day trial. 

Sandbox projects have their unique API keys for authorization and fixed API calls limit set to 100 calls per hour. You can create campaigns with a maximum of 1000 vouchers each. For more advanced testing, your Sandbox project is connected to the Showcase e-store. With this test store, you can check how your campaigns work when connected to customer touchpoints. 

When you create a subscription, your Sandbox requests won't be counted into your account limits of API calls and redemptions (not applicable to the free plan which has access only to the Sandbox project). 

Accounts created before 09-08-2021

If your account was created before version v20210726 was live (released 09-08-2021), you won't see the Sandbox project in your projects list. If you'd like to get access to a new Sandbox project in your dashboard, send us a request here.

How to use the Sandbox project?

To access the Sandbox project, create an account in Voucherify and log in, you have 30 days to test Voucherify using the free Sandbox project. If you'll upgrade from the trial to a paid plan, the Sandbox project will be visible in your projects list. 

In the Project settings > Application keys, you'll see the unique API key and token needed to authorize API requests. 

Remember that while using the Sandbox project, you can call Voucherify API 100 times per hour. Also, each campaign is limited to 1000 vouchers.


Sandbox projects are connected to the test e-store. The Showcase presents how the integration between Voucherify and customer touchpoints works in practice. 

To access the test store, log into your account, click on the project name, and open the Showcase.

Using the Sandbox project and the Showcase store, you can create campaigns and immediately see how they work. For example, you can validate and redeem codes from created campaigns to test different scenarios and validation rules. The results of each redemption will be noted in the dashboard so you can see how Voucherify tracks performance. 

What scenarios can I test with the Showcase store?

  • Discount vouchers validation & redemption.
  • Promotion validation & redemption (you need to create auto-applied promotion in the dashboard first).
  • Pay with loyalty points; loyalty card validation & redemption
  • Pay with gift card; gift cards validation & redemption, choose how much gift card credits to apply to an order
  • Stack multiple incentives
  • Assign customer to the order
  • Details of each API call in the sidebar.

What will be available soon?

Every day our developers extend the scope of Voucherify features available in the test store. Please follow our release notes to stay up-to-date with the Showcase updates.

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