What kind of landing pages can I create in Voucherify?

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Landing Pages section in your dashboard enables you to create and publish customised websites with Voucherify incentives. You can offer codes for new subscribers, invite them to join referral or loyalty campaigns, and also add redemption forms where your visitors can validate and redeem their promo codes. All that in a user-friendly editor available straight from GUI 🤩

 To run the editor, click on the plus and choose a template that fits your goal best:

  • collect subscribers
  • sign up for a discount code
  • sign up for a gift card credits
  • redeem code
  • enrol in a loyalty program
  • invite a friend to a referral program


Please keep in mind that these templates are customisable and may be used for various purposes. Voucherify offers you these templates by default and you can treat them solely as a source of inspiration for launching great promo campaigns. 

1. Collect subscribers

The purpose of this template is to collect customers for future promo campaigns. There are three available pages included in the template - active campaign (main page), successful status page and failed status page. All these pages are customisable and may be deleted. 

The most important part of this template is the Form for collecting customers' data, such an email address, name or phone number. You can decide which fields to include and which ones are mandatory. Don't forget to add marketing permissions and consent forms at the bottom to comply with all data-related regulation, such as GDPR. 

2. Redeem code

The goal of this landing page is to allow online client-side code redemptions. This template has six different pages, each designed for different step of your customer's journey. The pages at your disposal are: active campaign, redemption in progress, campaign ended, successful status, failed status, code entry pages. 

In this template the code is the most important element. You landing page is going to be automatically populated with unique codes coming from a specified campaign in Voucherify. You may also release time-sensitive codes to incentivise your audience. 


Keep in mind that with this widget you will not be able to redeem codes that require the user to provide  customer and order attributes and that it is intended for discount campaigns that are not based on order structure. 

3. Sign up for a discount code

This template's aim is to collect subscribers who in turn are going to be rewarded with a discount code or other rewards of your choice. This template offers five different pages: active campaign, pre-start, campaign ended, successful status and failed status pages. 

Just like in the case of redeem a code landing page, Voucherify is going to automatically display here unique codes from the campaign linked to the given landing page. 

You are going to link the campaign with the landing page while publishing it.

4. Enrol in a loyalty program

The goal of this landing page is to encourage your customers to take part in your loyalty program. 

Here you will be able to choose between two templates: rewards- or form-focused. The difference between these two types is the placement of Rewards Container and the Form with one being more prominent than the another.

Again, keep in mind that you may freely change the form of the template and use it for the purpose of your choice. 


This is the only template in which you can use material rewards as they are only available in loyalty programs. However, you can also choose different rewards - discount codes or gift card credits. 

The template offers five different pages: active campaign, pre-start, campaign ended, successful status and failed status. 

The Rewards Container is going be automatically populated with the products set as rewards in your loyalty program.

5. Sign up for gift card credits

The purpose of this landing page it to encourage your customers to sign in in exchange for free gift card credits offered as a part fo your gift cards campaign. 

This particular template offers five different pages: active campaign, pre-start, campaign ended, successful status and failed status. 

Update: Now this Landing Page and other offer you big customisation possibilities as you can add additional fields in the form based on metadata. You may choose whether the field should refer to Customer/Publication metadata:

6. Invite a friend to a referral program

Via this landing page, you can let your customers get their referral code and thus join an incentivised referral program. 

Similarly to the previous templates, this one also offers five pages which you may freely customise and remove. 

Creation of this landing page allows you to add another communication channel via which you can notify customers about your referral campaign and automatically distribute referral codes. 

Check out this guide to check what customisation options are offered by Voucherify and here to learn about the newest trends in landing pages design to get your creative juices flowing. 

Learn more about tracking of your landing pages via Google Analytics Integration and setting up custom domains for landing pages.