Voucherify Mobile App - overview

Create offline points of sales/redemptions as part of your online-to-offline strategy. Your staff at the location can redeem codes from your campaigns, validating order structure and customer attributes too. Download the app for free and invite your customers to redeem their incentives in-store.

Mobile app - your offline POS

Follow this tutorial to familiarize yourself with the mobile app features such as:

  • adding product-specific order details (amount of specific products/services)
  • adding customer data to the order
  • attaching order and customer details to redemption 
  • redeeming incentives using text code or QR code 
  • monitoring of your redemptions
  • managing your projects

Start with downloading the Android or iOS app, and logging in to your Voucherify account. 

Search: Add order/redemption details

After logging in, you'll see the 'Search' section which enables you to browse your Voucherify account and find all the details needed to make a redemption:

  • a code, 
  • a customer,
  • a product/s.

Click on 'Search' and start typing 

Voucherify mobile app sees all products, customers and codes created within your account.

Scan: Scan QR code

If you want to make a redemption by scanning a QR code, you can go straight to the 'Scan' section. After you scan the QR code, Voucherify will display its details. You can add customer data and products before validating and redeeming a code.

Adding a customer or products is optional in case there are no validation rules attached to the voucher. If the code has some rules based on the order structure or customer segments, then you need to provide respectively customer details and items list before you confirm the redemption. 

That's it! Voucherify validates code accordingly to attached limits and displays the response immediately.

Order: Items list and order value

You can see the overview of the created order in the 'Order' section. It shows the current value and added products. Below items list, you can assign an order to a particular customer.

Redemptions: List of your redemptions

All your redemptions both successful and failed are listed in a 'Redemptions' section. 

Account: Choose your project

In the last section, you can see a list of all your projects. You can switch between them to trigger and monitor redemptions within all projects. 

Supported voucher formats

Using the mobile app you can redeem code manually by typing the code in 'Search' input or by scanning QR code in the 'Scan' or 'Search' section.