Voucherify Mobile App - overview

After you download the Android or iOS app, you can log in to your Voucherify account. 

After logging in, you'll see the Account Overview with available features and sections


The 1st section stores all redemptions made with your codes (offline and online) divided into succeeded and failed ones. 

You can filter out redemptions from a particular time period by choosing FILTER > setting up a time period > FILTER.

Scan QR code (and redeem code)

The mobile app enables you to make redemptions by scanning QR codes. After the app recognizes the code, it shows you its details

In the last section called Voucher Holders, you can see customers who are already assigned to this code. If you want to make a redemption in behalf of the voucher holder, click on 'Redeem' next to his/her name. If you'd like to assign and redeem code in behalf of a new customer, click on REDEEM BY NEW CUSTOMER. In both cases, the app will automatically direct to you the order details.

Choose REDEEM to confirm redemption. You'll see the result instantly in the app 

Redeem voucher (text format)

Using the last section in the mobile app enables you to redeem code manually by putting a code in a text format.

Likewise, the app will ask you to define a redeeming customer and to add the order details. When ready, confirm redemption with REDEEM. Voucherify will validate the code and display redemption response right away. That's it!