Custom Events in Referral Campaigns

This guide will show you how to build a definition of an event that you can use to identify converted new customers (referred customers).

Custom Events denote your customers’ actions that are not tracked in Voucherify by default. Before using them in your API calls, you need to create them in the Event Schema (Project Settings). Logging a custom event can trigger coupon distribution and enable customer segmentation filters around the event recency and frequency. Go to Developer Docs to learn more.

Custom events 1

Add custom event to Event Schema

Firstly, add a definition (name) of the new event.

New custom event

If you need any additional properties to send along with the event request, which will be included in the validation process, you can build a proper schema definition from this configurator. Choose Add next attribute option and define a new property (name, type, optional/required checkbox). 

Finished onboarding

Defining properties is an optional step. The properties which you add to schema  must be passed through API in the metadata object. Remember that in the API request, you need to determine the customer (new referred person) and referral object (with only one mandatory property – referral code). 

Here's a code sample with an example of a POST API request defining a custom event:

POST /events

  "event": "signed_up",
  "customer": {
    "source_id": "",
    "email": "",
    "name": "Tomasz Pindel",
    "metadata": {
    	"test": true
  "metadata": {
	"sign_up_date": "2019-01-25T14:30:00.000Z"
  "referral": {

Define successful referral with custom event

With Event Schema defined and added to your API, you can use these custom events as a reward trigger in referral campaigns. Follow the step-by-step guide and launch a referral program based on events defined in your Event Schema.

using custom event in a referral program

When the referral campaign is on, you can create a dedicated landing page with a sign-up form. Users with referral codes/ referral links who successfully go through the registration form, trigger a conversion event defined in the referral program settings (custom event). Go here to learn more.

Custom events ideas

Here are some examples of popular custom events that you can use in your referral program, customer segmentation, or distribution:

  • customer_subscribed
  • cart_abandoned
  • sign_up
  • newsletter_subscribe
  • ebook_download
  • check_in
  • check_out
  • share_social
  • share_email
  • join_webinar
  • join_event
  • like_social
  • left_review
  • left_comment
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