How to create a cart-level promotion

Sometimes you want to apply discounts automatically - based on whether the customer's shopping cart has met certain criteria. The criteria can include several parameters such as if an order contains specific products, the total price exceeds a given value, or if the customer belongs to a particular customer segment.

For example, let's assume you want to give 10% off when a shopper buys products for more than $500, the product is one of the iPhones and the customer is a new customer. The good news is that Voucherify supports such cart-level discounts. Let's see how we can activate one β¬‡οΈ

Run the campaign manager and select  Promotion πŸ›οΈ
Running a promotion
The next step is to provide a name and an expiry date of the campaign β° 
Promotion details
In the 3rd stage, you should come up with the actual discount. Note that you can provide multiple discount tiers. For example, in the case below the shopper will get 10% off if they purchase for at least $200 and 15% off if it's more than $999.
πŸ’‘Along with the order amount, you can use other validation rules to differentiate the tiers, e.g. defining the products and customer segments that are eligible for the discount.

Step by step guide on tiers πŸšΆ

a) In the first tier section, define the banner that appears after the shopper meets discount criteria defined below and establish the discount.

Promotion tier

b) Add corresponding validation rules; here we use the total order amount. Every validation rule has to be confirmed with SAVE βœ…

Promotion validation rules

c) Now you can add another tier. We're going to add the second one which increases the discount amount to 15% off if the shopper buys products for at least $1000 πŸ’°

Add a new tier:

Adding a new promotion tier

Define the name of the tier, discount type and banner shown to the customer who meets tier criteria:

Second tier

Add proper validation rules:

Second tier - promotion rules

After your tiers are ready, confirm with SAVE βœ…

In the next step, Voucherify allows you to create a tiered hierarchy - it's especially important if your promotion has three and more tiers. If your customers meet the criteria of at least two tiers - the tier higher in the hierarchy is going to be automatically applied. 

Promotion hierarchy

In the 5th step, you can add optional metadata to the campaign to improve tracking πŸ”

Promotion metadata

In the last step you will see the summary of your campaign - a great moment to revise your campaign and make sure that all validation rules and discounts have been properly set as after campaign publication, customization possibilities will be greatly reduced. 

Promotion summary

If your Voucherify account is integrated with your website/app, the shoppers who meet the criteria will see the discounted prices immediately after they add respective products to the cart. At any point in time, you can go to the campaign summary to see how it is performing πŸ“Š

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