What can I find in my dashboard?

The Dashboard is your command centre and as any captain you need to know what means what 🤔 

The Dashboard is a central point to any promotional activity run with Voucherify. In this guide, we'll show you how to navigate through the main views 🔍

View Dashboard section What can I find here

Dashboard main view

Main view Get an overview of customers behaviour and measure the overall effectiveness of your promotion strategy. Use the collection of real-time metrics and charts to see what works and tailor your marketing strategy for today and tomorrow.

Vouchers view

Vouchers Browse, create, modify or delete coupon codes. Exhaustive filters based on coupon features like: code, discount type, status, category, start and expiry date etc. help you track down any code, get in-depth insights into its history and finally modify it.

Campaigns view

Campaigns Get an instant bird’s eye view of active campaigns and their performance.

Validation Rules view

Validation Rules Establish validation rules to model your desired buying/redemption circumstances. You can base your validation rules on a number of features, such as customer segments, order volume, cart contents and more.

Distributions view

Distributions Define when and how your promo codes are delivered to customers. Use multiple distribution channels like email and SMS  to automate the roll-out of engaging and right-on-time promotions. 

Landing Pages view

Landing Pages Use Voucherify Landing Pages creator to design, launch and track your landing pages.

Redemptions view

Redemptions Get a complete overview of redemptions and their details. Each redemption record stores in-depth information on:
  • Precise date
  • Redemption status
  • Detailed reason if failed 
  • Customer who acted on the coupon.

Additionally, this view allows you to monitor the failed redemptions with the set of convenient filters.

Customers view

Customers Voucherify enables you to sync customer profiles from your CRM. This allows you to build promo campaigns which target only specific, fine-grained segments. The segments can consist of customers filtered by dozens of parameters including address, order history or custom properties.

Orders view

Orders In the Orders section, you have an overview of all orders made with your coupons. The tab shows order and customer ID, order value and number of bought items; precise date, status, and metadata section. By clicking on the order ID, you'll be directed to detailed view.

Products views

Products A products view allows you to import items and variants from your inventory. This makes creating the product-specific campaigns super easy. Once the items are synced, you can use them in the up and cross-selling promotion tactics.

Rewards Rewards allow you to directly create rewards for your loyalty, giveaway and referral campaigns. You can create material rewards or use vouchers, gift card credits or loyalty points as prizes. 

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