How to create campaigns which must be approved by the manager

While organizing users structure and data access in Voucherify project, you can use a right to create campaigns which must be approved by the manager (admin or another user with a right to approve campaigns). As a result, users with limited rights can generate campaigns which won't be active before an approval. 

Firstly, you need to create a user's role with mentioned restrictions. Go to the Team Settings > ROLES and choose a role which you'd like to edit (in case of built-in roles you need to duplicate it). If you need help with that, follow this guide.

In the editor, mark appropriate boxes

  • Create and modify Campaigns
  • Creation allowed but must be approved by Managing User

 Confirm changes with SAVE.

You can assign the role while inviting a new team member or attach it to the already existing user

Both options lead to the member's profile where you can assign a role

Now, the user with the role AFFILIATE 2 can create a campaign which must be approved by a managing user. 

The manager automatically lists users with rights to approve campaigns

Role settings which allow user for approving campaigns

When a user asks for a campaign approval, Voucherify automatically sends an email to the managing user

Clicking on Review campaign leads to a verification process in the Campaigns view

The campaign won't be active until a confirmation from a managing user

When the managing user confirms a campaign, the app notes new events in the detailed Campaigns view:

  • the campaign was approved
  • the campaign was enabled

That's it!