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  1. Add a new team member
  2. Users structure and management

In this doc, we'll show you how to manage your users and their permissions on top of projects. These features give you access to a flexible way to manage users' data access and therefore to a seamless collaboration across your team. 

💡A Friendly Reminder

The user structure is managed per project. However, the custom roles are defined for the whole organization.

Add a new team member


Go to Team Settings.

Looking for Team Settings


Select TEAM and a click INVITE MEMBER.

Inviting New Members

Provide details of the user you want to invite. Submit it by using INVITE MEMBER. At this point, you can also choose the projects the invitee should have access to (you can learn how to add projects here) and a particular user role.

Inviting new member [Merchant]

Once the user confirms the activation link, he/she should be able to access the Dashboard and will appear in the Team Members section.

Activation link sent via email

Users structure and management

Within Team Settings, you can also assign particular roles to your team members and affiliates. Roles control what kind of access to your data a particular user is granted. The roles can be added only by the ADMIN user who doesn't have any limits on an account.

Go here to read more about users structure and data access

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