How to manage your projects?

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General Project Settings


How to add a new project?


How to remove a project?

More than one project enables you to run campaigns in different time zones or currencies and manage data access amongst your team members. The multi-project account comes in handy while running an international business, managing more than one store, or collaborating with many business partners. 

All projects assigned to a single account have the same Administrator who can access data from all the projects. Your pricing plan defines the number of projects that you can create in your account.

There is no limit on the number of campaigns that you can run within a single project.

General Project Settings

To enter Project Settings, click on your user's name and expand the menu.

General Project Settings



Timezone In the first section, you can name your project and choose the time zone. Proper time zone settings are crucial before you add any time limits to your campaigns.
Currency Below the time zone, you need to choose the currency for your project. Start typing the desired value, and the list will automatically expand the options.

After the currency change, you should log out and log in to your account again.
Team members In the next section, you can see all the team members assigned to the current project. Next to their emails, Voucherify displays what data they can access.

If you'd like to manage the team structure, you need to visit your team settings described precisely in this guide.
Email Settings Voucherify enables you to send emails straight from the Dashboard without external providers needed. You can add your custom domain and replace a default sender address ( with your email address.

Go here to see a step-by-step guide.
Webhooks Instead of polling data from the endpoints, you can use webhooks to get notified about more than 50 events. Voucherify makes it possible to define multiple redemption webhooks. To add one, you should press the plus and start by providing a target URL. Then, you can configure when the URL should be called. 

You will find more details  in this guide.

Client-side settings In the last section, you can tell Voucherify which actions your customers can invoke and define the source URL. For example, if you want to publish codes by using a widget on your landing page, you need to enable client-side publication and add an URL of your website to project settings.

If you place * instead of the URL address, Voucherify will enable requests from any origin.

You can seamlessly switch between projects. To change the current project, click on the icon next to the project name, and choose a project from the list.

Chaning projects

How to add a new project?

You can add a new project straight from the dashboard or by visiting Team Settings – Projects.

Add a new project

Click Add project and fill in the project details to proceed. 

How to remove a project?

To remove a project, please get in touch with our support team

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