FAQ about Voucherify Basics

This post contains FAQs about Voucherify. If you don't find the answer here, please contact us directly.

I am not a developer. Can I still use Voucherify?

Development work is required only at the beginning. The initial integration is necessary to let Voucherify handle redemptions on your checkout page. However, once your tech team connects Voucherify to your system, you can create, distribute, and monitor campaigns in the Voucherify dashboard on your own.

Need help integrating Voucherify?

We offer a team of dedicated, highly skilled developers with experience with Voucherify and CRM tools to integrate Voucherify with your existing technology stack.

How can I sign up for Voucherify?

Each Voucherify subscription begins with a free 30-day trial. You can start the trial by registering on this page. You will need to activate your account by verifying your email address by accepting an email invitation. 

Does Voucherify work in offline stores?

Voucherify enables offline redemptions in brick-and-mortar stores. There are two ways to achieve this:

  • POS integration – our API makes integration with POS vendors easier. The minimal configuration requires the redemption endpoint to be connected. In this way, Voucherify can start validating promo codes. 
  • Mobile app – we've prepared iOS and Android apps that are already connected to Voucherify and let your shop team redeem text or QR codes right at the counter.

Can I use the sandbox mode?

Each Voucherify account has a Sandbox project which is not included in your project limit. You can run your promo campaigns and try out Voucherify capabilities during a free 30-day trial or choose a free plan to use the Sandbox project indefinitely. 

Sandbox projects have their unique API keys for authorization and fixed API calls limit set to 100 calls/h. Sandbox API requests aren't counted into your account limits of API calls and redemptions. After you upgrade from the trial to a paying plan, the Sandbox project won't be included in your overall project limit.

Where can I learn about new features?

We want to keep you updated on all new features added to Voucherify. You can use multiple channels to make sure to stay in the loop:

What is an API call?

The API call is a single request invoked to process, save, or fetch data via Voucherify API. If you exceed your hourly or monthly quota, your campaign will be blocked. 

You can check your current API usage by visiting the API Usage section in the Project Settings. To increase your API call limits, upgrade your pricing plan

What is redemption?

Redemption is a single use of a code, cart-level promotion, or loyalty card (points exchange). Your end customer may redeem Voucherify codes via many touchpoints, including your app integrated with the Voucherify API, embedded widgets, online stores, and a mobile app.

What kind of support does Voucherify offer?

We can support you via community chat, email messages, phone calls, and online consultations. Each pricing plan comes with a pre-defined support package. We offer Premium Support and Extended Premium Support to our Enterprise plans only. Contact our Sales Representatives to learn more.

What browsers does Voucherify support?

Voucherify strives to support all recent versions of major browsers. We don't support browsers that no longer receive security updates. You can use recent versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. We don't offer support for Internet Explorer or any discontinued browsers.

Where can I create a feature request?

If you have an idea or a business requirement that Voucherify has not yet covered, you can leave feedback on our Product Roadmap

Where can I find my API keys?

You will need your unique API keys to authorize API calls made to Voucherify endpoints. You can find them in your Project Settings. To keep your account safe, remember to keep them secret and not share them with anyone. 

The primary secret key is visible for 14 days only when it is generated for the first time and for 15 minutes when the token is regenerated. Secondary secret keys are visible for 15 minutes when they are generated for the first time or regenerated. Write your keys down and keep them in a safe place. This also affects integration keys!

How can I sign up for a live demo?

If you are interested in a platform demo, contact our sales team. A Customer Success Manager will contact you to schedule an online call to show you the full capabilities of Voucherify. You may also see Voucherify in action through our on-demand webinars

What are validation rules?

Validation rules are the central point of Voucherify. Thanks to them, you can model desired redemption circumstances. Rules are built with attributes and operators divided into six categories:

  • Audience (e.g., customer segment).
  • Order structure (e.g., cart content).
  • Order volume (e.g., total order value).
  • Budget constraints (e.g., the total number of redemptions).
  • Advanced (e.g., redemption metadata).
  • Discounted Products (e.g., exclude product X from the discount).

What is metadata?

Metadata enables you to add custom data to Voucherify, which you can later use for building validation rules, segments, and reporting or tracking. Voucherify comes with many pre-built attributes, but thanks to metadata, you can add unique attributes to any object and create fully customized promotions tailored to your specific use case.

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