FAQ about Voucherify Basics

In this post, you will find some frequently asked questions regarding Voucherify. If you don't find the answer here, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

I am not a developer. Can I still use Voucherify?

Development work is required only at the beginning. The initial integration is necessary to let Voucherify handle coupon redemptions on your checkout page. But once your tech team connects Voucherify to your system, you can create, distribute, and monitor campaigns in the Voucherify dashboard on your own.

Need help integrating Voucherify?

We offer a team of dedicated, high-skilled developers who have experience with both Voucherify and CRM tools to integrate Voucherify with your existing technology stack. Learn more.

How can I sign up for Voucherify?

Each Voucherify subscription begins with a free 30-day trial. You can start the trial by registering on this page. You will need to activate your account by verifying your email address by accepting an email invitation. 

Can Voucherify be used as a standalone software? 

Voucherify is a full-stack promotional software. Its principal objective is to provide end-to-end support for all of your promotional campaigns. However, a flexible API and a dozen 3rd part integrations will help you leverage your current e-commerce setup to:

  • improve time-to-market,
  • roll-out campaigns with a higher level of personalization,
  • ensure data integrity,
  • track conversion better.

Does Voucherify work in offline stores?

Voucherify enables offline coupon tracking in brick and mortar stores. There are two ways to achieve this:

  • POS integration – our API makes integration with POS vendors easier. The minimal configuration requires the redemption endpoint to be connected. In this way, Voucherify can start validating coupon codes. 
  • Mobile App – we've prepared iOS and Android apps that are already connected to Voucherify and let your shop team redeem text or QR codes right at the counter. Learn more about the app.

Can I use the sandbox mode?

Each Voucherify account has a Sandbox project which is not included in your project limit. You can run your promo campaigns and try out Voucherify capabilities during a free 30-day trial. 

Sandbox projects have their unique API keys for authorization and fixed API calls limit set to 100 calls/h. Sandbox API requests aren't counted into your account limits of API calls and redemptions. After you upgrade from the trial to a paying plan, the Sandbox project won't be included in your projects limit. Read more.

Where can I learn about new features?

We want to keep you updated on all new features added to Voucherify. You can use multiple channels to make sure to stay in the loop.

What is an API call?

The API call is a single request invoked to process, save, or fetch data via Voucherify API. 

If you exceed your hourly quota, your campaign will be blocked. 

You can check your current API usage by visiting the API Usage section in the Project Settings. To increase your API calls limit, upgrade your pricing plan

What is redemption?

Redemption is a single use of a code, cart-level promotion, or loyalty card (points exchange). The monthly number of redemptions is the sum of all requests to the redemption endpoint from Voucherify API. You only pay for incentives that have been used by your customers – the number of redemptions does not reflect the total number of generated codes.

Your end-customer may redeem Voucherify codes via plenty of touchpoints, including your app integrated with Voucherify API, embedded widgets, online stores (e.g., Shopify), landing pages, and a mobile app.

What kind of support does Voucherify offer?

We can support you via a community chat, email messages, phone calls, and online consultations. Each pricing plan comes with a pre-defined support package. We offer a premium support package to our Enterprise plans only.

Support Feature



24/7 Success Portal Access ✔️ ✔️
24/7 Voucherify Community Access ✔️ ✔️
Email Support ✔️ ✔️
Sandbox environment ✔️ ✔️
Phone Support ✔️
24/7 Infrastructure Monitoring ✔️
Designated Success Manager ✔️
Employee training & onboarding ✔️
Accelerated response time ✔️
Customizable SLS parameters ✔️
Customizable Ticket Management ✔️

Where can I create a feature request?

We are always open to your ideas, introducing new features, and building creative integrations. If you have an idea or a business requirement that is not covered by Voucherify yet, you can leave your feedback at our Product Roadmap. On the platform, you can see planned and developed features, vote for proposed features, and leave your feedback.

Visit the Product portal by clicking this link.

Where can I find my API keys?

You are going to need your unique API keys to authorize API calls made to Voucherify endpoints. You can find them in your Project Settings. Remember, to keep them a secret and not share them with 3rd parties to keep your account safe. 

API keys

How can I sign up for a live demo?

Besides delving into written guides and video tutorials explaining the capabilities of Voucherify (which we highly recommend), you can also take part in the recurring Voucherify webinars. The main goal of the webinars is to give you a live demo of core Voucherify functionalities that showcases both the marketer-friendly UI and flexible API. 

You can sign up for a webinar here.

If you are interested in a 1:1 demo, please reach out to our sales team. A Customer Success Manager will get back to you to schedule an online call to show you the full capabilities of Voucherify. 

What integrations do you provide?

You can connect different services and systems to your Voucherify account to add Voucherify promotions to your marketing and sales ecosystems (CRM, communications, e-commerce, notifications). 

We also offer a possibility to add custom integrations with our API. If you are interested in building a specific integration,  reach out to our support team or leave a suggestion in the product portal.

What is a webhook?

Webhooks allow external services to be notified when certain events happen. Instead of polling data from Voucherify endpoints, you can use webhooks to get notified when:

  • redemption is done,
  • a referral reward is triggered,
  • and more.

You can configure webhooks in the Project Settings. 

Visit this section to learn more about webhooks. 

What are the Validation Rules?

Validation Rules are the central point of the Voucherify Promotion Engine. Thanks to them, you can model desired redemption circumstances. Rules are built with attributes and operators divided into six categories:

  • Audience (e.g., customer segment)
  • Order structure (e.g., cart content)
  • Order volume (e.g., total order value)
  • Budget constraints (e.g., the total number of redemptions)
  • Advanced (e.g., redemption metadata)
  • Discounted Products (e.g., exclude Product X from discount)

You can build validation rules by visiting Validation Rules in the Dashboard or establish them while creating campaigns. 

Please follow this tutorial for additional information.

What is metadata?

Metadata enables you to add custom data to Voucherify, which you can later use for building validation rules, customer segmentation, and reporting/tracking. Voucherify Promotion Engine comes with many pre-built attributes, but thanks to metadata you can add unique attributes to any Voucherify object (e.g., Customer, Redemption, Order) and create fully customized promotions tailored to your specific use case. 

In order to use metadata in the API calls, you first need to define them in the Metadata Schema.

Please follow this guide for more information.

Do I need to upload my customers' data?

If you are not interested in uploading your customer data to Voucherify, you can pass customer information as metadata or operate on source id property which is an obligatory attribute. Source id is a parameter that you use in your system to identify customers. It can be email, phone number, or other attributes of your choice.

Do I need to upload my inventory to run product-based campaigns?

No, you don't need to upload your products. If you decide to base the campaign on cart content (products), you can upload the ones that will be discounted to Voucherify via API or Dashboard. If you don't want to upload particular products to Voucherify, you can build your campaign rules with the use of metadata (custom attributes). Voucherify validates all incoming products in real time whether they're added to your account or not. 

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