How to buy extra API calls packages?

You can buy extra packages of API calls in Team Settings.

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  1. How does it work?

How does it work?

If you expect to exceed your API limits, you can buy extra packages of API calls to increase one of the limits. That way you can temporarily increase your API calls per hour / per minute limit or your API calls per cycle limit, giving you a boost.

Note: the additional API package does not increase your API call limits for the Sandbox project. The Sandbox project has a pre-defined limit of 100 API calls per hour.


The purchase process is described below for the Account Owner.

Go to Team Settings > Subscription.

You can either choose to increase the API calls per hour/minute or API calls per subscription cycle. The options that will be available for you to choose depend on your subscription plan.


Enter the quantity of the packages you would like to purchase.

Package type Details
API calls per minute or per hour The maximum limit is 5 packages. Expires 30 days after purchase.
API calls per cycle An unlimited number of packages can be purchased. Expires 30 days after purchase.

Fill in billing information.


Fill in and/or confirm your payment information. You will receive a separate invoice for this purchase.

Click Buy.
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