Account Settings - How to manage your account

In this section:

  1. Team settings (organize your team structure and manage data access)
  2. Project settings (time zone, currency, and more)
  3. Integrations (integrate with your favorite apps)

Note that Account settings can be viewed and managed only by an account Administrator and (optionally) users with access granted by the Admin.  

This article guides you through Voucherify Account settings. Starting from managing the team, through project settings, ending with integrations directory. Let's go!

Team settings


The first section displays basic information about the account owner:

  • Company name
  • Email address (Administrator)
  • Billing Address
  • VAT Number


The Billing section is crucial to continue your subscription after trial expiration. Fill the form with your credit card and company details. Basing on a chosen plan and provided information, Voucherify creates invoices and set limits on your account. 
To confirm your subscription choose 'CREATE SUBSCRIPTION'.


In the 3rd section, each month Voucherify places a new invoice. The app keeps them listed to enable you quick access to all of your invoices. 


In this section, you can manage your team and assign users' roles to build multi-level data access:

  • Use the Plus to invite a new team member and assign a role (go here to get help on that)
  • Use the Pencil tool to edit existing team member
  • Use the Bin to remove a team member from a project


With this directory, you can:

  • create a new project, 
  • add a next user to the project 
  • get an overview of all your Voucherify projects. 

You can also set currency and change automatic time zone settings for a current project. 

Fill the form to add a new project ( go here to get help on that)


Roles define what kind of data access each user is granted. Roles directory enables you to define data access and operations assigned to a particular role. When you already create users' roles, you can attach them to your team members in the TEAM section. 

Follow this article to get more information about roles and data access in Voucherify.

Project settings

Project settings are divided into the following sections:

  1. Information about a current project (you can add a description, default international dialing prefix, set time zone, currency, and project name)
  2. Note: After changing the currency, please log out of your account and log in again to continue.

  3. Project members - list of all members assigned to the particular project
  4. Email settings - a place for a custom domain, required if you'd like to send emails from the dashboard from your own sender address
  5. Webhooks - custom endpoints URLs
  6. Application and Client-side keys - unique keys for every project
  7. Your website URL, used for allowing client requests only from given domain. Set * if you want to enable requests from any origin.
  8. Metadata - Schema Validation
  9. Client-side settings:
  • Enable client-side redemption (e.g., redeem voucher by using referral widget on your site)
  • Enable client-side publication (e.g., get voucher after filling a subscribe form on your site)
  • Enable client-side vouchers listing 
  • Enable client-side customer creation (e.g., share voucher in exchange for customer data collected in Voucherify dashboard and sent through subscribe form on your site)


This directory lists built-in connections with external web services you can make in a few clicks to sync your databases and distribute codes. 

For more information, follow this article, choose the integration you're interested in, and view a detailed tutorial. 

Go here to see available Voucherify integrations with CRM and e-commerce tools.