How to send email from your own address? (custom domain)

If you want to send emails via Voucherify with your domain, you should run through the following process of domain verification. In this way, your receivers can be confident that the emails have been sent by your team and with your permission. With a verified domain, messages are also less likely to go to the junk or spam folder 😉

To manage this, you need to use a technology called DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) to sign the messages you want to send on your behalf. Third parties can verify these signatures against the DNS record you set up for your domain. 

Verify your domain 🔐

Go to the Project settings and find a section Email Settings

Project Settings to verify email address

This page contains the information you'll need to add to DNS records for each of the domains you use as part of your sender addresses. After a successful configuration, you should see the following picture:

Email Settings - own domain

If two or more of your sender addresses use the same domain, then you only need to configure one DNS entry to enable DKIM signing for mail sent using any of these addresses.

💡 Note

Many DNS providers will only ask you to fill in the name of your subdomain. You should follow your provider's documentation to learn more details.

Then proceed to Integrations and start sending emails from your own address 🙌

Custom email service

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