Account Security [MFA]

New account security features force the usage of MFA by users grouped under one organization (Voucherify Account). The policy is configurable by the Account Owner. If the configuration is enabled, each user before the next login will be obligated to set up the second mechanism for authentication.

Voucherify offers three channels for MFA:

  • Google Authenticator.
  • One-off backup codes.
  • SMS codes.

To keep your Voucherify account safe, you may enable the two-factor authentication for your Voucherify profile. You can find account security options in the My Profile section.

MFA Overview

In this section:

  1. Google Authenticator
  2. SMS codes
  3. Backup codes
  4. Password change
  5. Account activity logs

Google Authenticator

After enabling the Google Authenticator app, you will be asked to download the app and scan the code visible on the screen with the Google app.


Download the app for Android or iOS and scan the QR code. Note, that you may also enter the code manually. 

Configuring Two-factor authentication

After successfully scanning or typing in the code, you will receive a verification code. Enter the code into Voucherify. Now, you have successfully set up two-factor authentication for your Voucherify account.

Each time, you log into Voucherify, you will be asked to provide an additional verification code generated by the Google Authenticator app, keeping your Voucherify incentives safe from malicious activity. 

2-factor login attempt

You may disable the two-factor authentication with the Google app at any time.

SMS codes

You can also provide your phone number to receive verification codes straight to your phone.

After providing your phone number, you should receive a verification code that activates SMS Authentication. Next time you log in, Voucherify will send you a unique code to authorize your login attempt. 

2FA sms

Backup codes

If you don't want to use the Google Authenticator app for your account security or the Google app is not secure enough for your organization, you may alternatively use one-time passcodes. This option comes in handy if you are often away from your phone and still want to be able to log in with an extra level of security.

Voucherify will generate ten six-digit backup codes for your account. You can use any of them to log into your account. Copy them or print and store somewhere safe.

Backup codes

You may disable the backup code functionality at any time.

Password change

From this view, you may also quickly change your Voucherify password.

Password change

You are going to receive an email notification each time a password change is performed.

Email with password change

Account activity logs

To gain valuable insights into account activity, you may monitor the account security logs in the Security tab.

Account security logs

New functionalities connected to password complexity policies are currently under development. Visit Voucherify Product Portal for more details.

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