FAQ about coupons and gift cards

In this article, you will find some frequently asked questions regarding your coupons, vouchers and gift cards. If you don't find the answer here, please don't hesitate to contact us directly 👋

Code format

How to create case sensitive vouchers?

Vouchers are case sensitive by default, but Voucherify allows you to decide whether you would like to keep this option or perhaps change it. In order to find this option go to your Project Settings:

Case-sensitive vouchers

Keep in mind that you need to establish that before creating new projects and campaigns and it cannot be modified later on! 

Where can I find different code formats?

Voucherify supports three types of code formats: text, QR and barcode. The last two categories are especially important when running mobile campaigns as they allow your customers to redeem codes on the go. 

In order to see all the available code formats create a campaign and go to the Vouchers tab straight from your dashboard ⬇️

Vouchers section

Select a Voucher that you're looking for and click on it to switch to its detailed view 🕵️

Select a Voucher

You may display a QR code straight from this view by selecting the QR code icon next to the bin. If you want to see the barcode, you need to go to the Voucher details. 

Voucher Details - see code formats


Remember that QR codes and barcodes are a great way to facilitate the code redemption process for your customers and they may be a nice visual addition to your mail or SMS

Coupon Campaigns

What is the auto-update campaign mode?

The auto-update campaign mode is set with the checkbox in the 3rd stage of the campaign manager.

Auto-update checkbox - if you mark this checkbox, your campaign will be auto-extended whenever you'll try to distribute new code, and the initial batch of codes has already run out. 

Auto-Update Campaign

For example, if my 1000 vouchers will be already assigned to customers (published, distributed) and I'd like to send it to 1001st customer, thanks to auto-update mode I can do it without any campaign updates. Voucherify will automatically add a new code when I click to send the code from this campaign.

Can I add vouchers to existing campaigns?

In short - yes, you can.

In order to do so, follow these steps:
Go to the Campaigns tab and select a campaign that you'd like to add vouchers to:

Selecting a campaign to add vouchers

 After selecting the campaign, go to the Vouchers tab:

Adding a voucher

Hit the plus icon and here you'll be able to choose between adding vouchers to an existing campaign or creating brand new vouchers for the project:

Adding vouchers to campaign

Here you can decide how many vouchers you'd like to add or create just one with custom code. You can also provide an additional description for your vouchers. 

Adding voucher to campaign details

How can I delete a campaign?

You can delete any of the previously created campaigns or promotions. To do so, open a detailed campaign's view and choose the Bin icon.

Delete a campaign

The app will ask you to confirm and mark the following checkboxes:

Delete permanantly

  • Delete permanently - If this flag is set to true, a campaign will be deleted permanently. It means that afterward user will be able to create the next campaign with the same name.
  • Delete validation rules linked to the campaign - If this flag is set to true, validation rules linked to the campaign will be deleted.
  • Delete custom validation rules - If this flag is set to true, custom validation rules linked to the vouchers from the campaign will be deleted.

Choosing Delete removes the campaign accordingly to the marked checkboxes.

How to show customers which coupons they are eligible for?

If you want to display all the coupons a customer is eligible:
  • at the moment of entering your store or reading email/SMS/notification from you
  • at the checkout
you can achieve this by using one of Voucherify building blocks within hours. 
Come up with design and placement on the checkout page, then point your developers to this recipe

Coupon Aggregate

You can also create a coupon aggregate by following this guide.

How can I copy a campaign?

If you want to release the same campaign or a campaign with a very similar workflow, you can just use the 'Clone Campaign' feature. 

Gift Cards

What's Predefined Gift Cards campaign?

Each customer in Voucherify has a unique Predefined Gift Card assigned to their account. All these cards are part of a Predefined Gift Cards campaign which enables you to create a unique loyalty program. 

This is a built-in Voucherify feature that remains up to you if used or not. Similarly to other predefined features, there is no way to delete it. Until you use it, it won't impact the stats of any of your projects. 

Positive Gift Card balance as a Referral Reward

Balance loaded on a predefined gift card can be a reward in your referral program. Thanks to that you can easily build the following workflow:
  • A customer shares his/her referral code with friends.
  • A new customer utilized the referral code.
  • The customer assigned to the referral code gets a $5 extra balance on his/her card automatically.
  • The workflow repeats each time the referral code is redeemed again.
To run this scenario, please familiarize yourself with Referral Program Basics

Pre-defined gift card campaign

A reward for the referral code owner is set in the 4th stage of a campaign creator. If you choose to Reward a referral customer with gift credits, you'll be asked to choose a particular Gift Cards campaign. By selecting Predefined Gift Cards, the balance will be loaded on the built-in Cards in customers' profiles. 

How can I monitor gift card spendings?

Monitor your gift card spendings on a campaign's and global level.

Campaigns balance is visible from the Campaign view. It informs you about the already redeemed amount and the amount to spend until the campaign ends.

If you want to monitor the total amount of all gift cards, go to the Main Project view.

Gift card spending

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