How can I define a code pattern?

You can create 2 types of codes in Voucherify, and both can be customized:

  • Unique codes - made in the campaign manager by choosing 'bulk codes'.
  • Fixed codes - a single fixed code is made in the campaign manager by choosing 'standalone code'.

Customize the pattern of unique codes

In the 3rd stage of a campaign manager, you'll see the settings of your codes' structure.

Using these features, you can define:

  • pattern
  • charset
  • length
  • prefix
  • postfix

Customize your fixed codes

Similarly, fixed codes are customized while creating them in the campaign manager. In the 3rd stage of the process, you can define your code by simply typing it into the respective filed or defining its structure like in the previous point.

If you don't have an idea for a code, you can ask Voucherify to generate a random one.

As you can see, Voucherify gives you full control over the structure of your codes .