How can I create a prepaid gift cards campaign?

In this section:

  1. Create gift cards campaign
  2. Send gift cards to your customers

Launch gift cards campaign 🚀

In the following paragraphs, we are going to show how to create incentive programs and increase customer spending with tailor-made gift cards

To begin with, run the manager with a Plus.

Launch Campaign Manager


Define campaign details.

In this section, tell Voucherify:

  • name of your campaign
  • number of gift cards
  • prefix (your voucher code will start with the given prefix)

Limits for vouchers (optional).

By going through the optional campaign details you can:

  • set a campaign timeframe (see more here)
  • define a voucher redemptions limit (decide if a gift card can be used multiple times or once only)
  • add validation rules (see more here)

Limit for voucher

Campaign metadata (optional);

Campaign metadata

You can pass additional information as metadata in the last section and Save the campaign. Gift cards will be ready right away. You can distribute them to your customers by using a Distributions section. 

Send gift cards to your customers 📬

The distribution manager enables you to send gift cards in personalized messages via many diversified channels like:

Distribution channels

Follow this short guide to learn more about a distribution of gift cards with Voucherify. Design customised templates and personalise messages to exceed customer expectations 💛

Voucherify distributions