Prepaid Gift Cards Campaign

In this section:

  1. Create gift cards campaign
  2. Send gift cards to your customers
  3. Add balance to the card

Create Gift Cards Campaign

In this, we are going to show how to create incentive programs and increase customer spending with tailor-made gift cards.

You can release gift cards in two variations - as a public reusable voucher or unique, one-off codes for individual customers. 

Follow our guide on:

For the purpose of this tutorial, we are going to launch a bulk of unique gift cards.

To begin with, run the Campaign Manager with a Plus and choose Gift Vouchers to create a batch of unique gift cards.

Creating gift vouchers campaign

1. Choose bulk codes as a voucher type. Next, provide other details:

When you create a coupon campaign you can mark that each customer will be allowed to join the campaign only once. Then, if the same customer requests another discount code, Voucherify will not generate a new code for this end-user. Therefore, one customer can only receive one discount code assigned from a particular promotional campaign.

2. Next, define the timeframe of your program.

Campaign timeframe

In this section, tell Voucherify about:

  • Start and end date of your program.
  • Whether you would like to make your program valid only in a particular timeframe (e.g., for 3 hours every day).
  • Whether you want to launch a day specific campaign (e.g., only Friday),
  • Whether you want to create a sense of urgency by adding a timer to each code.

Go here to read more about time-sensitive vouchers.

3. In the 3rd step, provide the gift card value:

Gift credits value

Please note that the currency is set per project. If you'd like to change your currency, go to the Project Settings, set new currency, and log in to your account again. If you need to manage promotions with more than one currency, you need a separate project for each currency.

4. Next, establish validation rules that are going to model your desired redemption conditions. For instance, you may want to issue cards only to customers who spent at least $300 in your store. 

If validation rules are not set, gift cards will be redeemable by all customers. 

Validation Rules

5. You can pass additional information as metadata in the last section and save the campaign in the Summary view (5th step). Gift cards will be ready right away. You can distribute them to your customers by using the Distribution section. 

Gift card metadata

Send Gift Cards to Customers

The distribution manager allows you to send gift cards in personalized messages via many diversified channels like:

Distribution channels

Follow this short guide to learn more about the distribution of gift cards with Voucherify. Design customized templates and personalize messages to exceed customer expectations. 

Voucherify distributions

Add gift voucher balance

You can load balance on the card by using the dashboard or Voucherify API.

  • Add gift card balance in the dashboard

Go to the detailed view of a gift card and add the proper amount to the current balance

  • Add gift card balance with API

By using the Add Gift Voucher Balance API method, you can quickly add the proper amount to the gift card. The amount should be based on the total order amount. All you need to do is to include the amount and gift card code in your API call. 

Please note that Voucherify only offers digital gift cards that act as gift card codes. If you would like to create a physical gift card, follow this short guide to see the steps.

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