Create printable vouchers and gift cards

You can easily create printable templates of your vouchers/gift cards, which later can be used in physical stores or promotional events. In this guide, you'll see how to create a printable fixed-code voucher in a reusable template. 


  1. Coupon code and Canva template
  2. Coupon code and Mailchimp template
  3. Redemption

Let's create a template of a voucher with a 20% discount and a QR code that you can print and share hand-to-hand with your customers.

What do you need to start:

  • Voucherify account,
  • Free version of Canva account, which you can create here, or Mailchimp account.

There are two ways you can do it with a Voucherify account:

  1. Using Voucherify code and free Canva editor (recommended);
  2. Using the Voucherify code and your Mailchimp account (you can also create a new Mailchimp account for free if you prefer to use their templates instead of Canva).

Voucherify + Canva

Canva enables you to design a coupon template. First, we will create a discount code in Voucherify and then put it on the Canva template. 

Step 1: Create a fixed (standalone) code

Unique vs. fixed codes 

You can also use this workflow to create printable unique code vouchers but keep in mind it would require more manual work and may not scale. If you're worried about coupon misuse or tracking, remember that you can equip fixed codes with the same validation rules that unique codes (for example, limit redemptions per customer) and Voucherify, likewise, will track every redemption with its details.

Open the Campaign Manager and create a new Discount coupon.

Choose a standalone code, type the code, and define the redemption limit.

Go through each stage of the manager to set up a discount and code details. In the last stage, confirm the code set up with Save

Go here for a step-by-step tutorial.

Step 2: Save the QR code

Save a QR code image to put on our printable template.

Step 3: Create a voucher template

Log into your Canva account and design a template. 

Canva design

To add a QR code, drag the saved image with the code into the editor.

Upload QR Code to Canva

When the template is ready, download the file in the chosen format (PDF print recommended).

Download your code

Confirm the file download, and that's it! Your fixed-code voucher is ready to print and share with your customers.

Voucherify + Mailchimp

If you already use Mailchimp, you can log into your account to create printable templates with Voucherify promo codes. 

What do you need to start:

  • Voucherify account,
  • your Mailchimp account, which you can also create for free here.

Step 1: Create and download standalone code

Repeat the process of standalone code creation and download your QR code. 

Step 2: Create a voucher template

Firstly, log into your free Mailchimp account (you can skip all optional account settings) and click on Templates.

MailChimp Templates

Choose 'Create Template'.

Create a Template in MailChimp

You can choose from many built-in templates and themes or create your own in HTML. 

Just click on the chosen template/theme, and you'll get to the editor.

Editor in MailChimp

To put a QR code into the template, import the QR code from your computer to the template.

Import QR code

When the template is ready, you can see its preview.

Preview the message

Click on 'Save and Exit', add the name of the template, and confirm with Save.

Save template

Step 4: Export voucher

Now, export the template as HTML.

Export as html

Step 5: Print vouchers

When you open a downloaded HTML file, you'll see a ready-to-print voucher with a QR code. Ready to print voucher

That's it! If you want to modify the template or change/add a QR or barcode, you can open the HTML file in any code/HTML editor and make changes directly on your computer. 

Redemptions of printable codes 

Your customers can redeem their codes, and Voucherify will note each redemption in your dashboard. The easiest way to serve redemptions is by scanning QR codes via the Voucherify mobile app:

View from the Voucherify mobile app

You can read more about offline redemptions with the mobile app here.

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