Standalone Code for Multi-Use

In this section:

  1. Choose a campaign and discount type
  2. Add details (time limits)
  3. Set the discount value
  4. Define the limits
  5. Add custom information (optional)

If you want to launch a campaign aimed at attracting new customers or increasing brand awareness, you should definitely consider creating a public code e.g., BlackFriday or Summer2021.

Doing so, allows you to promote your products across dozens of channels like social media, coupon aggregates, or printed magazines. Besides, you can run A/B experiments by publishing two (or more) fixed-codes to separate channels. The Dashboard reports will show you which converted better.

Go here to see an exemplary Christmas campaign with a fixed coupon code.

Choose the Campaign and Discount Type

In order to start your create a fixed code, run the Campaign manager with the Plus. Next, choose Discount coupons as your campaign type. 

fixed code campaign

The next step is about defining a discount type (bulk codes or standalone code).

You can provide additional information on the voucher to let your teammates know more about the code. You can also group your vouchers to easily find and track them in the future. 

A Friendly Reminder

Because you are creating a standalone code, it is important to set the redemption limit to unlimited. However, you may limit the redemptions if you fear that the coupon popularity may skyrocket and hurt your bottom line or if you only wish to A/B test your offer.

Black Friday Standalone code

Set Time Limits

In the second step define optional time limits on your public code:

  • Start and end date.
  • Particular validity timeframe (e.g., only for 3 hours every day).
  • Particular days only (e.g., Wednesdays).

A Friendly Reminder

Keep in mind that if you don't set the end date, your code will be valid indefinitely and would need to be stopped manually.

fixed code time limits

Visit this article to learn more about time limitations for vouchers. 

Choose the Discount Value

Voucherify offers four discount types:

  • Amount
  • Percentage
  • Custom unit (based on your Products)
  • Free shipping

In the case of a percentage discount, you can also establish the upper amount limit of the discount.

discount value

A Friendly Reminder

The currency of your incentives is set per project.

Define Validation Rules

Below, you'll find validation rules that are going to model your desired redemption circumstances. The set up of these limitations is optional but is useful if you aim at personalizing your offers more. For instance, you might launch a public code that is valid only for orders above $200.

Visit this article to learn more about the limitations that you can create with the help of validation rules.

Validation rules for public code

Custom Information

The last step enables you to add additional information as metadata.


In the last stage of the campaign creation, you are going to see the summary of your code – this is the best time to make changes and edit the code before making it go live as introducing changes later on may be greatly hindered.

Campaign summary

When the code is ready, save it and Voucherify will generate a standalone voucher with the predefined code for multiple uses.

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