How can I create a fixed code campaign?

In this section:

Create a fixed-code campaign in five steps:

  1. Choose your manager
  2. Type a discount
  3. Add details
  4. Define limits
  5. Add custom information (optional)

If you want to launch a campaign whose primary goal is to attract new customers or increase brand awareness in general, you should consider launching a fixed-code campaign e.g. BlackFriday, Summer2017 codes. 

Doing so allows you to promote your products across dozens of channels like sharing the coupon on social media or in magazine ads. Besides, you can run A/B experiments by publishing 2 (or more) fixed-codes to separate channels. The monitoring dashboard will show you which converted better (see monitoring )

In order to start your first fixed-code campaign, run the Campaign manager with the Plus.

Choose Standalone code.

Select voucher type; The next step is about defining a discount type. By way of example, let's use a discount voucher (likewise, you can choose from amount, percentage or unit discount).

Campaign details; In 3rd section, define the code or generate a random one with a button. You can also use advanced code settings and customize the entire pattern.

There is an optional input for a coupon category. You can add a category to manage and track the code easily later on.

Limits for vouchers (optional); The next section defines optional details:
  • time limits (see more here)
  • redemptions limit (see more here)
  • validation rules (see more here)

Campaign metadata (optional); The last step enables you to add additional information as metadata.

When the campaign is ready, choose Save and Voucherify will generate a standalone voucher with the predefined code for multiple use.

It’s ready for action!
With vouchers details, you can be up-to-date with a campaigns' performance.