Campaign and Vouchers Maintenance

In this section:

  1. Categories
  2. Code search
  3. Code search with advanced filters
  4. Delete a single coupon
  5. Delete a campaign
  6. Enable/disable coupons
  7. Enable/disable campaign
  8. Clone campaign

Visit the Voucher section in the Dashboard to find all your incentives. Here, you find vouchers grouped by a number of filters:

  • Coupon Type
  • Campaign
  • Category
  • Active/Inactive
  • Created Date
  • Redemption Status
  • Category

    Organize codes into categories so you can filter them out quickly. Your categories can define any marketing attribute you want – channels, demographic area, etc.

    A category can be created while creating a campaign or can be added in the detailed view of the voucher.

    Voucher categories and tags

    Find any coupon by typing a code into a browse field. The browse field is visible in every Dashboard view.

    Searching for voucher

    Filter codes with advanced filters

    Browse coupons by details such as:

    • Campaign
    • Category
    • Type
    • Start date
    • Creation date
    • Metadata property
    • Current status 
      • expired, 
      • is on, 
      • is off (disabled),
      • is active

    Go to the Vouchers view to find the advanced filters. Define searching conditions and confirm with the Add button. Lastly, hit Reload to see the searching results. 

    Please note that you can use many filters in one search, for example, you can filter out only expired gift cards or active loyalty cards created in a particular timeframe. There is no limit on the number of used filters. 

    Delete single coupon

    Get rid of a coupon by using a bin icon. You need to choose between delete or delete permanently what means that afterward, users will be able to create a new voucher with the same code.

    Delete a single coupon

    Delete a Campaign

    Same as a single coupon, you can delete/delete permanently entire campaign with a bin icon. Go to the detailed Campaigns view to display the bin icon

    Delete a campaign

    Enable/disable coupons

    Once you disable coupon, redemption is not possible. As soon as the coupon is disabled, you can re-enable it for the campaign at any time.

    enable/disable coupon

    Enable/disable campaign

    A campaign can be active or inactive; as long as the campaign is inactive, vouchers cannot be redeemed.

    Go to the Campaigns view, click on a chosen one, and press Active to expand the options.

    enable/disable campaign

Clone campaign

If you release multiple similar campaigns and you are running short of time, you can clone an already existing campaign with one click. Visit the Campaigns tab, select the Campaign you would like to clone and duplicate it in the Campaign detailed view.

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