How to import codes and share them digitally?

What if you want to share codes that come from other sources than Voucherify? 🤔

To handle this scenario, we’ve placed the Import Tool in the dashboard. It enables you to import codes in 2 modes:

  1. as standalone vouchers
  2. or grouped as a campaign

(Learn the difference between standalone vouchers and campaigns)

Standalone vouchers 🏷️

The Import Tool lets you load vouchers/gift cards with their properties such as:

  • Code (required)
  • Voucher type (required)
  • Value (required)
  • Discount type (required for discount vouchers)
  • Category
  • Start date*
  • Expiration date*
  • Redemption limit
  • Active (if vouchers are active, put "TRUE" into cells, if not put "FALSE")
  • Additional Info
  • Is referral code
  • Referrer Id
💡 The start and expiration date should be provided in compliance with the  ISO 8601 norms. For example: 2020-03-11T09:00:00.000Z.
Firstly, put your vouchers data into a CSV file. In the example below, you can see how CSV structure should look like to be accepted by Voucherify ⬇️ 

CSV Voucher format

Run the Import tool by choosing Import CSV file:   

Import vouchers via CSV file


Choose to import standalone voucher and UPLOAD a CSV file from your device:

Import vouchers - upload window

Confirm with IMPORT and the manager will lead you to the mapping:

Map attributes

The mapping tells Voucherify what kind of vouchers properties are assigned to particular columns in your CSV.

Look at the example below; there are 7 columns with voucher’s attributes; you need to match each of them to a required property in the manager: Mapping voucher attributes

Firstly, choose a column from your CSV file (e.g., TYPE), and select property from the list which matches its attribute (e.g., VOUCHER --> Voucher Type). In the next step, confirm your choice with ADD MAPPING button.

Mapping attributes

Mapping attributes 2

When the mapping is ready, choose IMPORT and wait for confirmation. The app notifies you  straightaway,  once vouchers are in place.

Import vouchers to the existing campaign 🛍️

💡 In case you’re adding vouchers to the existing campaign, CSV should contain columns with code and status only (if active put “TRUE” into a cell) the rest of voucher’s attributes are assigned accordingly to the campaign properties.

Let's import some codes to the Re-engagement campaign with 10% off coupons.

Importing vouchers to campaign

CSV file should contain 2 columns with voucher's code and status (active = "TRUE").

CSV file example

Choose to import vouchers to campaign and upload your CSV file.

Importing vouchers to campaign

Match CSV columns to Voucherify attributes from the list (CODE-> Code, ACTIVE-> Active).

Mapping active codes

If any of the imported vouchers should not be active put "FALSE" into a particular cell.

Disabling vouchers
When the mapping is ready, confirm with the IMPORT button. Voucherify notifies you when vouchers will be in imported. That's it! 🎉

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