How can I create a bulk of unique codes campaign?

In this section:

Create a campaign of unique codes in five steps:

  1. Choose your manager
  2. Type a discount
  3. Add details
  4. Define limits
  5. Add custom information (optional)

The Campaign Manager enables you to create dozens of unique coupon codes. In this kind of campaign, each coupon is defined by one-off code, so you can control and track them easily 🔍

To start, run the manager with the Plus 

Launching campaign manager

In the creator, go through the following steps:

Select the Bulk codes campaign 

Bulk codes campaign

Choose discount voucher, select one of 3 discount types (percent, amount, unit) and put voucher's value. In case of percent-based deal you can also establish the upper limit of the discount.

Choosing the discount type

Define a name for your campaign and a total number of vouchers. Here you can also define the code pattern and set the campaign into auto update mode which makes sure to generate new codes in case you run out of the original pool of codes. 

Voucher details

Set optional limits like campaign's timeframe, redemptions amount, and validation rules. Read more about time limits here.

Voucher time limits

Voucher validation rules

In this section, you need to define redemption limit count per code. By default, the manager sets the vouchers to be redeemable only once. You can change the number of allowed redemptions or mark the 'unlimited' redemptions checkbox.  

Redemption limit

Pass additional details as metadata

campaign metadata

When the campaign is ready, choose Save and Voucherify will start to generate your coupons instantly. You'll be notified in the right corner once they are ready. That's it!

Generating vouchers

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