Time-related campaign limits

In this guide, you'll see the different types of time limits that can be applied to your campaigns using the Dashboard. Time limits can be used to define the periods and durations for campaigns, vouchers, and even earning rules to name a few.

Before you start

  • This Guide explains time-related limits assuming you are already familiarized with our Team & Project Settings.
  • All time-related limits are validated accordingly to the timezone set in your Project settings.


  1. Start and end date
  2. Validity timeframe
  3. Valid on specific days of the week
  4. Valid for X after publication

Start and end date

The start and end dates mark the period when a customer can redeem the code. Each redemption requested before the start date or after the end date will be automatically blocked by Voucherify.

The start and end dates define the duration of your campaign.  

Start date

  • Creation - you can set the start date and time to be immediately after you save 
  • Specific date - choose a specific start date and time

End date

  • Never - you can set an indefinite time frame
  • Specific date - choose a specific end date and time
If you do not set an end date, your campaign is going to run indefinitely. You would need to stop it manually.

Start and end date

Validity timeframe

By using the validity timeframe option, you can set recurrent time periods when the coupon is valid. After you set the start date (and optionally the end date), you can add validity timeframes. 

For example, you can set coupons that are valid only for 1 hour every day. The hour set in a start date will be the beginning of every validity time window.

Validity timeframe

Valid on specific days of the week

Below the validity timeframe, you can define particular days of the week when vouchers from a campaign are active. For example, if you choose Monday, redemptions will be available only on Mondays until the expiration date.

Note that you can combine the validity timeframe with validity on specific days. For instance, you can build a coupon campaign valid only on Fridays between 5 pm and 10 pm.

Valid on specific days

Valid for X after publication

Vouchers can be active for a specific time frame after publishing. You can limit redemptions to a time window which starts the moment a code is assigned to a customer.

For example, you can send an email with a discount code active only 24 hours from the moment you pushed out a message to a customer.

In Voucherify, distribution and publication of code are understood as the process of assignment of a code to a given customer profile. It can be done via Dashboard or via API.

To add this rule to your campaign, mark the respective checkbox. In the next step, define how many days/hours after the publication, the codes can be redeemed.

Duration after publishing

You can create more time limits using validation rules and metadata

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