How does the distribution manager work?

The Distribution Manager allows you to deliver coupon codes with a couple of clicks, straight from the dashboard. The first thing to understand is that you can customize the coupon distribution on 2 levels:

  • channel - Voucherify enables you to use a wide range of delivery channels e.g. emailSMSIntercomBrazeMailChimp, through merge tags or custom integration

  • trigger - you can distribute coupons manually or define when Voucherify should automatically trigger a send-out

These levels can be mixed, so you do both:

  • a manual send out of emails (message is sent to chosen customer/customers right after you confirm distribution)
  • or activate the following scenario: every time a customer joins one of your MailChimp lists, take a unique code from a campaign and assign it to him through a merge tag. In the automatic mode, messages are sent every time new customer meets specific criteria defined in the Distribution Manager.

Whether manual or automatic, creating a distribution is always a seven-step process:

  1. Select distribution type - manual or automatic
  2. Set a name (used to differentiate multiple distributions)
  3. Select the distribution channel/channels: email, SMS, MailChimp (through merge tags) or Intercom
  4. Compose your message with the visual editor
  5. Add reminders - messages sent to customers to remind about unredeemed voucher (optional) 
  6. Define your audience (read more below)
    1. with powerful segments mechanism
    2. based on events performed by a customer
  7. Select one of the existing campaigns which will feed the distribution with unique codes

Lastly, when your distribution is live, performance metrics are updated in real-time and presented in the Distributions view.

Instant multi-channel distribution

The distribution manager enables you to send codes via many channels at the same time. In the 3rd stage of the manager, you can choose which of the available channels will be used to deliver a message. 

To add a channel to distribution, choose the Plus below its name. Active channels are marked in green

To remove the already added channel, choose the Cross below its description

Choosing your audience

In case of automatic distribution, you can define your receivers by using two mechanisms:

  1. customer segments - you can choose one of your existing segments or and a new one. Segments are built with filters which are precisely described here. The app will push out a message with code each time a new customer enters a chosen segment.
  2. events performed by customers - events are specific actions taken by your customers:
  • An order has been created
  • An order  has been updated
  • An order  has been paid
  • An order  has been canceled

Each time your system integrated with Voucherify notes a particular event assigned to a customer the app will push out a message with a code.

  • A voucher has been published to  the customer - if you assign a code to a particular user, the app will automatically deliver it in a message defined in the distribution manager. 
In case of a manual message, you can choose receiver from your list or create a distribution to customers from a particular segment. Likewise, the segment can be chosen from the existing ones or created from scratch.

Now you can go to one of the tutorials below to send out the first batch of coupons.