How does the Distribution Manager work?

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Distribution manager

With the Distribution Manager, you can create a cross-channel experience by sending personalized messages with promo codes, or information about promotions. With a couple of clicks, you can set multi-channel distributions, managed straight from the Dashboard. 

Let's go through five stages of the manager to familiarize you with a distribution set up.

You can watch the video or follow the written tutorial below.

Distribution Manager Overview

Automatic or manual

The very first thing you need to set is a distribution mode. You can choose between manual and automatic mode to decide what triggers your distribution:

  • a manual send out means that message is sent to chosen customer/customers right after you confirm the distribution
  • an automatic mode activates the following scenario: every time a customer joins a chosen segment, the manager triggers a message send out. In the automatic mode, messages are sent every time a new customer meets specific criteria defined in the Distribution Manager by using customer segments.

Automatic or Manual Messages - Distribution Manager

 Distribution purpose

In the second stage, you need to choose what type of message you'd like to send. You can choose from (in case of manual distribution):

  • a message that informs eligible customers about a promotion 
  • a message with unique codes from a campaign
  • a message without codes sent in your customized template

and these purposes (in case of automatic distribution):

Choosing an audience 

The 3rd stage of the manager defines receivers. 

Choosing audience

In  automatic distribution, you can choose your receivers by using two mechanisms:

  1. customer segments - you can choose one of your existing segments or add a new one. Segments are built with filters which are precisely described here. The app will push out a message every time a new customer meets criteria and enters a chosen segment.
  2. events performed by customers - events are specific actions taken by your customers:
  • An order has been created
  • An order  has been updated
  • An order  has been paid
  • An order  has been canceled

Each time your system integrated with Voucherify notes a particular event assigned to a customer, the app will push out a message.

  • A voucher has been published. The last event is made for cases when you'd like to trigger a distribution based on a voucher publication. When a voucher has been published to the customer  (if you assign a code to a particular user) the app will automatically deliver it in a message defined in the distribution manager. In case of a manual message, you can choose the receiver from your list or create a distribution to customers from a particular segment. Likewise, the segment can be chosen from the existing ones or created from scratch.

In the manual distribution, this stage comes down to choosing a single customer or a segment of customers to which you'd like to deliver a message.

You may also segment your audience according to your marketing permissions.

Step 4: Message title 

In the 4th stage, add a subject line for your message/messages.

Title your message

Step 5: Distribution channels 

Voucherify enables you to use a wide range of delivery channels e.g.  dashboard emails, SMS, Intercom, Braze, Webhooks, MailChimp (through merge tags), ActiveCampaign (through custom fields) or emails sent from your mailbox (through built-in integration).

Distribution Manager Overview - Distribution channels

Custom mailbox

With Voucherify integration you can connect your mailbox to Voucherify and use it to distribute emails. To get access to the feature, you need to be a paying user and send a request to our support team. Then you can easily add your mailbox by choosing a respective integration in project settings and typing the email address. Go here to learn more

Instant multi-channel distribution 

The distribution manager enables you to send codes via many channels at the same time. To add a channel to distribution, choose the Plus below its name. 

To remove the already added channel, choose the Cross below its description box.

Design a message with the text editor 

Design with message editor

After choosing a distribution channel(s), you can design your message. Below the channels list, you'll find the text editor and a default message template which is fully customizable. 

On the left-hand side, you can customize each message section. The preview of the current design is visible on the right side.

Preview your message

By using 'Variables' you can personalize your messages.

Variables in the Distribution Manager

A chosen variable placeholder will be automatically replaced by a respective value after sending out the message. You can choose from:

  • customer name
  • customer email
  • voucher code
  • QR code
  • voucher value

When the template is ready, you can confirm distribution using SEND (manual mode) or SET LIVE (automatic mode).

Here are some examples of email messages that you can create with Voucherify:

Email Designs Examples

Lastly, when your distribution is live, performance metrics are updated in real-time and presented in the Distributions view.

Track your distributions

Distribution Reports


To prevent false spam reports, it’s best to briefly remind your recipients of how they got on your email list. Go to brand details settings to compose a short message before you start creating a distribution. We’ll automatically place this information in your Voucherify templates.

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