Twilio integration enables you to send personalized SMS with coupons straight from the Voucherify dashboard. You can schedule segment- or event-based SMS send outs to engage your customers in the right place and time 📱

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Integration 🔄

The integration doesn’t require any line of code and comes down to 3 simple steps:

  1. Open Integrations tab in Voucherify dashboard and choose Twilio.
  2. Provide the required credentials from your Twilio account (Account SID, Auth Token and Sender phone number).
  3. Confirm with CONNECT.

Voucherify Integration Directory

From now on, you can set default prefix (Project Settings) for each country and launch multiple international campaigns 🌎

International dialing prefix

Coupon distribution with Twilio ✉️

When your Twilio account is already integrated, let’s see how to distribute SMS with coupons from the Voucherify dashboard. To begin, open the distribution manager and follow these steps:

  1. Choose if you want to send a manual message or set an automatic flow (read more here).
  2. Provide a distribution name.
  3. Choose SMS as a distribution channel, and Twilio as your service provider.

    Select distribution channel

  4. In 4th step you need to pick your audience:
  • a single customer from the list (manual message) or
  • a segment of customers (automatic mode).

5. Select a campaign from which you want to publish the codes.

6. Write your message and customize the template with merge tags:

  • Customer name,
  • Customer email,
  • Voucher code,
  • Voucher value,
  • QR code - after you place QR code in a message template, it will be sent through your Twilio account as an MMS message (available for all US and Canada phone numbers)

Variables (merge tags)

7. Confirm with SEND (manual mode) or SET LIVE (automatic mode). That’s it! 🥳

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