Voucherify <> Shopify integration enables you to enhance e-commerce experiences with personalized promotions. In this tutorial, we are going to show you everything you need to know about installing, using, and succeeding with Voucherify promotions in your Shopify store.

The app is available to everyone in the shopify marketplace.

The integration with Shopify consumes messages limits to send codes from Voucherify to Shopify, but sending information from Shopify to Voucherify that a code was redeemed  consumes webhook limitsYou can read more about messages limits in our Fair Use Policy.


  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Configuration
  4. Discount Codes
  5. Referral and Loyalty Programs


What you get with the Voucherify <> Shopify plugin:

  • The synchronization of the customer, order, and product data that can be used for building earning rules in loyalty programs, dynamic segmentation, or setting up validation rules
  • Published Voucherify codes will work in Shopify, allowing you to save time on creating separate codes for different e-commerce sites.
  • Shared tracking and reporting for Shopify and Voucherify redemption rates. 
  • Shopify can be used as a distribution channel for loyalty rewards and referral codes – e.g. discount codes will be distributed to the connected Shopify store when the customer redeems a loyalty reward (e.g. discount code). This version of the integration allows you to synchronize data only when it is being created or updated. Old data won’t be automatically synchronized.

Note that Shopify supports only amount off and percentage off vouchers, both in discount coupons campaigns and referral programs.

For vouchers to work, they have to be published in Shopify first. This process enables Shopify to create a copy of the vouchers. Please note that not all Voucherify’s validation rules are processed by Shopify. That is because Shopify considers only their own rules and conditions. Shopify does not support:

  • Validation rules (e.g. validation rules set in a campaign will not be taken into consideration, including the validation rules based on metadata)
  • Applicable to items (e.g. when a discount is meant only for a specific product or group of products, this rule will be omitted and the discount will be applied to an entire order)
  • Cap in Voucherify’s discount (e.g. when you set a limit to a percentage discount, for example 20% discount with a maximum discount value of 100$, the latter condition will be omitted, making it 20% discount without any limitations)
  • Usage and synchronization of metadata


To use this integration, you need to have a Shopify store.

After the successful installation of the app, you will be able to configure the integration via your Shop Admin page.

After installing the plugin, you should be able to see the name of your store and other details of the integration in the Integrations Directory. Keep in mind that the whole configuration process is done via Shopify Admin Page and Voucherify Integrations Directory serves only as your integration overview.


There are three functions that you may activate/deactivate – customers, orders, and product synchronization. By synchronizing these objects, you make sure that meaningful data is easily transferred from Shopify into Voucherify.

Shopify configuration

The synchronization operates only on the basis of Shopify –> Voucherify, which means that objects created in Voucherify won’t be automatically synchronized to Shopify.

Test the synchronization

Before working with discounts, it is important first to test whether the synchronization between your Shopify store and Voucherify works. The easiest way to do so is to create a new customer in Shopify (Customers tab – Add customer) and to check whether the customer appeared in your Voucherify account.

Adding a new Shopify customer

After saving the customer, go to your Voucherify account and check whether the new client was added to your customer list.

If you do not see a new customer record, you may need to refresh the page.

Voucherify Shopify

Voucherify discounts in Shopify

First, let’s create a new unique codes campaign in Voucherify. 

Campaign Summary

If you want the created code to appear in Shopify, you need to use Voucherify Distribution and use Shopify as the channel of distribution. Note that you may combine Shopify distribution with email in order to not only send the code to Shopify but also to send the code directly to the selected customer or customer segment. Follow this guide to learn more about the Distribution Manager.

Now, you can see the code in both Voucherify and Shopify accounts:

Voucherify discount

Shopify discount

The purpose of the distribution via the Shopify channel is not to send a message to the customer but to assign (publish) a particular code to the given customer profile.

By going into the details view of the discount code in Shopify, you can see that the voucher inherited all the properties from the original.

You may overwrite the properties of the voucher (e.g., change its type). However, they will not be automatically synchronized with data in Voucherify.

Test the discount

Since the code is already synchronized with Shopify, it can now be used at the checkout by your customers. All you need to do is to type in the code. Now, Voucherify codes automatically work in your Shopify storefront, saving you precious time on creating separate codes for Shopify stores. 

Shopify Checkout

You will see all the redemptions in the Redemptions Log and on the Dashboard reports in your Voucherify account, letting you stay in control of your incentives.

Redemption log

Referral Codes and Loyalty Rewards

Besides discount codes and launching separate distribution, you may also transfer Voucherify codes to Shopify as a part of your referral and loyalty program rewards. What that means is that codes that act as rewards in your loyalty/referral programs will be redeemable in Shopify.  

In the 5th step of launching a referral/loyalty program, use Shopify as your notifications channel. What that means is that you will be able to use referral codes and loyalty rewards (e.g., discount codes) in Shopify. 

Referral notification

In referral programs, you may use Shopify as your channel twice:

1) As a notification for the referrer’s reward (if the referrer meets the criteria for getting the reward, he/she will receive a discount code that will work in Shopify).

2) As the referral code is assigned to the referrer (when referees redeem the code, the referrer’s profile is updated with new invited friends).

When it comes to the loyalty program, Shopify can be used as a channel for reward redemption, which means that when the customer purchases the reward (e.g., discount code) with his/her loyalty points, the code will be automatically sent to the customer and to Shopify so that he or she can redeem it at the checkout. To learn more about notifications, follow this tutorial

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