How to create a loyalty program step-by-step

In this tutorial, you'll see how to create a loyalty program in the Voucherify Dashboard. With many earning rules and custom rewards, you can launch a well-tailored loyalty campaign in no time.

Loyalty program step-by-step

  1. How to start with loyalty campaigns:
    1. Create earning rules with customer segments
    2. Create earning rules with custom events
  2. Run the campaign manager and create a loyalty program
  3. Maintenance and distribution:

How to start?

If you want to base your loyalty program on customer segments or custom events, it is advisable that you create them before starting to work on the loyalty program. You will use these attributes at the 2nd stage of loyalty program creation as earning rules. Each earning rule defines an action that assigns a particular number of points to a customer's account. 

For example:

  • 1st earning rule – if a customer spends $50, assign 100 points (fixed) or for each $1 spent assign 5 points (proportional).
  • 2nd earning rule – if a customer makes the 3rd order or spends more than $300, assign 200 points.
  • 3rd earning rule – if a customer signs up, assign 80 points.

Create earning rules with customer segments 🙎

To add the first two earning rules to Voucherify, you need to build customer segments in the Customers section. Each earning rule is represented by a separate customer segment.

Create earning rules with custom events

To add earning rules based on custom events performed by your customers on your website/app, such as: 

  • A customer signed up. 
  • A customer completed the ride. 
  • A customer updated subscription.

You need to use custom events preconfigured by your tech team in your Voucherify account.

Create a loyalty program

New Loyalty Program

 Program details 

Creating a loyalty campaign is always a seven-steps process.

In the first step, provide program details:

A Friendly Reminder 💡

When you create a referral campaign you can mark that each customer will be allowed to join the campaign only once. Then, if the same customer requests another referral code, Voucherify will give him/her the same code again and will not generate another code for this end-user. Therefore, one customer can only receive one referral code assigned from a particular promo campaign.

When ready, go to the NEXT STEP – Earning rules ➡️

Earning rules 

You can choose between three types of earning rules:

  • Order has been paid
  • Custom event
  • Customer entered segment

If you need more limits in your earning rules which are not supported by default, you can use validation rules and assign them to a particular earning rule to further customize them. 

1) Order has been paid – this earning rule is triggered when a customer makes an order in your store. You may customize the type of order that a customer has to make with the use of validation rules, e.g. customer will be rewarded only for orders above $100. 

Types of Earning rules

You may assign a fixed or proportional number of points for this earning rule. If you decide to give customers a proportional number of points, you can establish that for each dollar spent, a customer will get X loyalty points.

Proportional points awarded

2) Custom event – this earning rule is triggered when a customer performs a specific action. You may customize the type of activity a customer has to perform with the use of custom events and validation rules, e.g. customer will be rewarded for referring 3 or more friends.

3) Customer entered a segment – this earning rule is triggered when a customer joins a specific customer segment. You may customize the type of segment a customer has to join with the use of segmentation filters and validation rules, e.g. customer will be rewarded for entering a segment of customers who made the 5th order. 

When your earning rules are ready, you can click on the NEXT STEP and go to the 3rd section – Rewards catalog ➡️

Rewards catalog 

In the 3rd step, add rewards that your customers can exchange for the already earned points. Choose ADD NEW REWARD and define the first reward, you can use one of the existing campaigns or create a new one from scratch.

You can choose between three types of rewards:

  • Digital (discount coupon, gift card credits, and loyalty points)
  • Material (an item from your Products Catalog)
  • (New feature!) Pay with points (e.g. 5 loyalty points equal $20 and can be used to purchase products)

1) Digital Reward – if you want to use discount coupons/gift card credits as incentives in your program, you can re-use here the promotions you are already running or create a new campaign on the spot. You may also decide to reward customers with loyalty points that can be used later for making purchases. 

Digital Reward

2) Material Reward – if you want to use material rewards an incentives in your loyalty program, choose an item from your Products catalog. Note that you cannot create a new product on the spot. That's why it is advisable that you import your Products Catalog into Voucherify beforehand. 

Follow this tutorial to learn more about products in Voucherify. 

3) Pay with points – now you can use loyalty points as gift card credits. Your customers will be able to cover a part of the payment in a connected checkout form by applying loyalty card id as a gift card/coupon code.

Pay with points functionality

Confirm with Save reward and define how many points a customer needs to spend to get this reward. 

Rewardss catalogue

⚠️ Don't forget to click Add Reward. Otherwise, the reward won't be saved.

When ready, go to the 4th section – creating loyalty tiers.

Loyalty Tiers (new feature!) 📶

You can use loyalty tiers to easily create loyalty programs with  different levels of membership and varied earning rules and rewards based on customers' tiers.

For example, you may decide that customers from the Premium tier will get double points for certain activities. This feature is a great tool to gamify your loyalty program and to go beyond the standard point-based scenarios.

💡Keep in mind that this functionality is optional and you do not need it in order to create a loyalty program with Voucherify. If you don't use tiers, your loyalty program will have one tier by default with the same earning rules and rewards for all participants.

To start, click Enable tiers.

Adding a loyalty tier

1) The first step is to create tiers for your customers. There are no limitations on the number of tiers you can create. To start, click Add tier and fill in the details. Note that you can apply metadata to a tier to get better control over who can be added to a tier.

Editing tier

After creating tiers, you can return to them to edit their details or delete them at any time.

Loyalty tiers overview

2) In the second step, you will be able to map points assignment for particular actions. For instance, you may decide that customers from the Premium category will get double points for referring a friend or that Standard members will get more points than 100 for spending over 100£.

Mapping points and earning rules

💡 Note that you can also lower the number of points assigned to particular tiers by multiplying by decimals or providing a lower custom number of points.

3) In the third step, you can decide on rewards mapping. What this means is that customers from the selected tier can get a reward for more or fewer points than other tiers.

Rewards mapping

That's it. You have just customized your loyalty program and made your program gamified with custom tiers, earning rules, and rewards assignment.

The next step is to decide whether your loyalty program needs custom notifications (also optional).

Custom notifications 💌

Besides launching a separate distribution to send loyalty card codes to customers and links to their individual cockpits, you can also design and issue special notifications to inform your customers about gained loyalty points and redeemed rewards.

This step is optional and you may launch distribution after creating the campaign. 

Loyalty Program Custom Notifications

After choosing your preferred communication channel you should provide some general information:

Next, select the message template and design your mail 🎨

email notification examples

Here is an example of an email message notifying a customer about loyalty points she gained:

Example of a notification

Metadata 🖥️

This section is optional. You can add custom fields to help with integration and reporting. Read more here.

Now, you can go to the last section and see the program summary.


In the last step, you can see the program summary and go back to each section to make edits. When everything is set properly, click SAVE to confirm the loyalty campaign.

After saving the campaign, Voucherify shows what metrics and stats you can track. During the program, the app automatically updates reports to show the on-going program performance.

That's it! The loyalty campaign is ready. Now, we're going to look at loyalty programs from the perspective of your customers. Let's start by sending loyalty cards and reviewing a customer cockpit.

Distribution and maintenance 🔧

How to send loyalty cards and invite customers to your loyalty program?

You can send loyalty cards to your customers straight from the dashboard using Voucherify distributions. We strongly recommend using emails as Voucherify enables you to put a link to individual customer cockpit automatically into a message template. 

Voucherify distribution manager has its own email engine that you can sync with your domain. You can also use one of the built-in email integrations (MailChimp, Braze, Intercom, or ActiveCampaign) to send customized invitations to your loyalty program.

Distribution manager

If you haven't done any distribution yet, start with this short tutorial and familiarize yourself with the distribution manager.

Customer cockpits overview

Each customer with loyalty card also has an individual cockpit with the amount of earned points and available rewards. Dependently on balance changes, Voucherify will dynamically activate/deactivate particular rewards for a customer. As a result, a customer can exchange earned points for particular rewards.

Loyalty Program Mail

Loyalty Program Customer Cockpit

Customer Cockpit

How to use (redeem) loyalty rewards:

When a customer gains the required number of points, the reward is automatically published in their cockpit (it's active). Then, they can decide if they want the reward or not by clicking on the respective button. 

redeeming codes in cockpit

If a customer chooses to transfer points for a reward, Voucherify updates their points balance. A customer can use the chosen reward during the purchase which invokes validation and redemption process noted in the Voucherify dashboard.

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