How to create Rewards for my campaigns?

Voucherify allows you to upload via API or manually create rewards for your giveaway and loyalty programs.

You can do so by adding rewards as Products and then recategorizing them as rewards during the creation of giveaway and loyalty schemas or by going straight to the Rewards tab to have ready-to-go rewards when launching campaigns (recommended). 

In this section:

Rewards as Products 🎁

In order to start, go to the Products tab and hit Plus to add a new Product.

Adding a new product

Go through 4 stages of product creation. 

If this is your first time adding a product to Voucherify, grab some detailed instructions on that. 

After saving the product, you can use it in your giveaway and loyalty programs after first manually recategorizing it as a Reward.

As you can see below, despite adding new a new Product, the Rewards dropdown menu remains empty⬇️

Giveaway campaign

Giveaway Campaign Rewards after adding a Product

Rewards catalog for loyalty program

Loyalty Campaign Rewards after adding a Product

In the case of both giveaway and loyalty program, you need to select CREATE NEW REWARD button and choose which product should act as a reward in your campaign. 

💡  It is important to notice that Voucherify allows for several types of Rewards:
  • discount vouchers
  • gift card credits
  • loyalty card points
  • material rewards

Changing a product into a reward

Select a product that is going to operate as a reward for your new LuckyDraw campaign. After saving the reward, you should see it in your Rewards Catalog. 

New reward in rewards catalog

⚠️ Don't forget to click Add Reward. Otherwise, the reward won't be saved.

Adding Rewards via Rewards tab 🏆

You can add rewards directly via the Rewards tab straight from your Dashboard after creating them as Products first.

Adding New Rewards

Hit Plus to add a new Reward. 

Again, you can choose between using already existing incentives (or creating a campaign on the spot), offering a material reward, or using loyalty points as gift card credits. 


Again, select which product you'd like to use as rewards in your promo campaigns and Save Reward. 

Material Reward for Giveaways

Then, when launching a campaign, you can select Rewards directly from the dropdown list which is a great time-saver when launching programs with many rewards.

Rewards dropdown

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