How to add products to Voucherify?

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In this section:

  1. Product overview
  2. Add a new product
    1. with the API
    2. with the dashboard

The product manager enables you to inform Voucherify about the products you sell. This is achieved by importing items and their properties through the dashboard or API. As a result, you can use products and variants to build validation rules which restrict redemptions of a particular product. So if you want to sell out items piling up in the warehouse or run an up- and cross-selling campaigns, this is a way to go 🤩

Add a product with specific data (source ID, SKUs, metadata, assigned events, etc.)

Add a new product

💡 Products can be imported in bulk with the API, see Products API.
See details and delete/edit its properties by clicking on product name 🔎

Product Details

Get a bird's eye view of your products 👀

Products overview

Add a new product with the dashboard ✋

We're going to create a new product: `MacBook Air` which comes in 2 variants 11- and the 13-inch screen. This process boils down to 3 steps:

  • Creating a product.
  • Adding variants.
  • Using the product (or the variants) in the Campaign Manager.
Create a new product. Go to the Products view and run the creator with the Plus➕

Adding a new product with a dashboard

After providing a name of the item in the first section, you have to introduce an attribute corresponding to variants. It'll be filled with different values when creating particular variants (SKUs) 🔛. Confirm with Enter and Save. 

Adding product attribute - 'diagonal'

Add 2 variants.Now that we have the product model, we can add to concrete SKUs. To do so, `edit` the product to add two SKU items and define the proper diagonal attributes respectively.

Adding product SKUs

💡Create a validation rule with a product/variant.

You can now use validation rules to make the campaign active only for a particular product or variant. 

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