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The Product Manager enables you to inform Voucherify about the products you sell or services you offer. This is achieved by adding items and their properties through the Dashboard or API. As a result, you can use products and variants to build specific validation rules and launch product-specific campaigns. If you want to sell out items piling up in the warehouse or run up- and cross-selling campaigns, this is a way to go.



Product overview.


Add a new Product with the API.


Add a new Product with the Dashboard.

Add a product with specific data (source ID, SKUs, metadata, assigned events, etc.)

Products can be added with the API, see Products API.

See details and delete/edit its properties by clicking on a Product name.

Voucherify Product Details

Get a bird's eye view of your products.

Products overview

Add a new product with the Dashboard

Watch our tutorial about working with Products in Voucherify:

We're going to create a new product that comes in two versions. This process boils down to 3 steps:

  • Creating a product.
  • Adding variants (SKUs).
  • Adding custom attributes as metadata.

Create a new product. Go to the Products view and run the creator with the Plus.

First, provide the name (mandatory). Next, set up the source id and price of your product (optional). Lastly, create an attribute corresponding to variants. It'll be filled with different values when creating particular variants (SKUs) in the next step. Lastly, upload a photo of your product (also optional).

General Product Details

Now that we have the main product model, we can add to concrete SKUs. To do so, go to the next step and create SKUs of your choice – we've decided to create a different series of TV. 

In the 3rd step, you can add optional metadata to your product. If you're happy with the result, hit Save. Now you can use Voucherify products as loyalty or giveaway rewards or as validation rules for product and cart-based discounts and promotions. 

You can now use validation rules to make the campaign active only for a particular product or variant. 

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