How can I track customer orders?

The Orders tab helps you track your customers' orders and all transactional activities which you can do with the Dashboard or via API

Orders are created automatically when customers redeem your vouchers and promotions.

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Voucherify allows you to track all the events connected with your account, including campaign performance, distributions, customer activity, and other activity logs.

Go here to learn more about tracking possibilities in Voucherify.

The Orders section presents a detailed overview of all orders made with your coupons and their status.

Order section overview

The tab shows you:

  • Order ID
  • Customer ID
  • Number of items
  • Order amount
  • Created date
  • Status (Created, Paid, Cancelled, Fulfilled)
  • Metadata

Different order statuses:

  • Order Created – order was created by the use of API.
  • Order Paid – order was redeemed and finalized. 
  • Order Cancelled – order was canceled (you can use the Redemption Rollback feature which will change the order status from 'PAID' to 'CANCELLED'.
  • Order Fulfilled – Order was Created but not Paid or define it in a way that seems fit for your business as this is an open definition field. 

From the main view, you can go to the detailed view of the customer or read metadata connected to the given order. 

An example of an order metadata property:

"metadata": {
    "test": true,
    "locale": "pl-en",
    "channel": "mobile_app"

Besides tracking, 'order' property is also used to build order-specific validation rules, such as:

  • Introducing limits on cart structure and a total order amount (e.g. 20% off for orders above $300 which contain MacBook Pro).
  • Counting a number of purchases in a given timeframe or total amount of all purchases (e.g. $15 off for clients who made at least 3 orders in your online store).

Go to our Voucherify docs to learn more about Orders.

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