Coupon campaign tracking

After creating your campaign, you will be automatically taken to the overview of its performance. If you want to come back there, just go to the Campaigns tab and click on the campaign which details you'd like to view.

Go here if you would like to learn how to launch coupon campaigns with Voucherify

Search the campaign you'd like to track

You may choose between 7 tabs:

  • Dashboard (numerical and graphical representations of your campaign performance).
  • Vouchers (all vouchers from the campaign listed).
  • Validation rules (a list of validation rules applied to the campaign)
  • Redemption history (a list of redemptions with the status (success/failed), customer id, redemption id, and a redeemed voucher code).
  • Publications history (a list of codes assigned to particular customers which can be done manually or via API).
  • Distributions (a list of codes sent to particular customers).
  • Metadata (custom fields added to campaign for improved customization and tracking). 

Let's take a closer look at the Campaign Dashboard:

The first box is going to present you the general overview of your campaign:

  • Information on the type, value, and limits of your voucher.
  • A number of vouchers created.
  • How many publications (codes assigned to customers) were successful and failed.
  • How many messages were delivered successfully or failed. 
  • Redemption limit of your vouchers set up at the creation stage.
  • Optional description of vouchers. 

Main info on the campaign

The second view presents a graphical summary of vouchers redemptions.

Redemptions summary

The third view shows the timeframe limits of your campaign. Go here to learn more.


The fourth box allows you to track changes made to the campaign which is especially important if you share an account with colleagues or affiliates. Learn more about user access in Voucherify here.

Program changes

The last view lets you control the budget of the campaign – the profits and possible losses that it brings. Remember that you can always set up additional budget limits while the campaign is running to protect your business' bottom line.

Budget management

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