In this tutorial, we are going to guide you through the installation and configuration of a Voucherify <> WooCommerce plugin. Then, you'll see how to use it to leverage Voucherify coupons, gift cards, and cart-level promotions on your WordPress site.

WooCommerce integration


  1. Install the plugin
  2. Configure the plugin
  3. Use Voucherify coupon and gift card codes
  4. Use Voucherify in-cart promotions
  5. Track your performance


To start with, log into your WooCommerce account and follow these steps:


Go to the Plugins and choose Add New.

WooCommerce adding a new plugin


Search for Voucherify plugin 

Searching for Voucherify plug in in WooCommerce


Click Install Now.

Installing Voucherify plugin for Woocommerce


After installation, select Activate.

Activate Voucherify plugin in WooCommerce


When the plugin is active, you can connect both accounts in four simple steps:

Log into your Voucherify account and go to the Project settings. 
Voucherify Project Settings

Copy your Application ID and a Secret Key.


Enter your WordPress account and select Voucherify.

Configuring Voucherify in WooCommerce

Paste “App ID” and “App Secret Key” and mark Voucherify integration enabled. Confirm with Save Changes, and you're ready to go! 
Enabling Voucherify Integration in WooCommerce

Use Voucherify coupons on your WordPress site 

Now, your visitors can redeem Voucherify coupon codes to get a discount while shopping on your WordPress site. The workflow looks as follows:

A customer selects products to their cart.
In a cart summary, they can see a field for a coupon code.
  WooCommerce cart

The customer puts Voucherify code, and after choosing Apply coupon, their order is automatically updated.
  Applying code to WooCommerce site

Applied discounts are also visible on a checkout page and order summary.

Applied discount on WooCommerce siteOrder summary after applying a Voucherify coupon


You can see redeemed coupons in your WordPress dashboard. Go to the Orders section and choose which order you'd like to display.

WordPress Order Summary

If any coupon has been applied, you'll see it in the details 

Coupon detail woocommerce

Cart-level promotions 

Besides the coupon campaigns, you can use Voucherify cart-level promotions on your WordPress site. 


Firstly, create promotion tiers and define rules in the campaign manager ( read more details here). 


While shopping, users can see current promotions defined in your Voucherify account.

Cart-level promotions in WooCommerce


If a cart meets required conditions, a user can see the box with available promotions. By choosing Apply promotion, the cart is automatically updated following the promotion rules.

If more than one promotion is available for a single cart, users need to select which one they like to apply during the purchase.

Choosing cart-level promotions


Similarly to the coupon codes, you can see applied promotions in the WordPress dashboard.

Wordpress dashboard

Tracking your performance 

For more tracking data, you can visit the Voucherify dashboard. In the Redemptions and Customers sections, Voucherify collects and presents detailed information up-to-date. You can read more about tracking in this guide.

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