Segment + Voucherify

Why Segment?

Segment is a customer data infrastructure (CDI) powered by robust API. With the help of Segment, customers can easily collect, analyze, and transfer customer data. Voucherify decided to become a partner of Segment to make cross-platform customer data synchronization easier than ever before

Thanks to this integration, customer data collected and stored in Segment can be easily shared with Voucherify and, as a result, used to launch targeted promotions based on relevant and up-to-date data. 

How does the integration work?

To use the integration, you need to have a Segment and Voucherify Account. Next, go to your Segment account and look for Voucherify in the Destinations Catalog. Hit "Try Segment" and type in your Voucherify API keys to authorize data exchange between the platforms. 

Segment Integration

You will find your API keys in your Project Settings.

The integration is based on Identities (actions attached to particular customers) which can be called to Voucherify. These customer identities will be saved as Identify custom events. Segment identity calls include customer traits such as gender or email address. Identities are saved as Identity Custom Events in Voucherify. These new events allow you to launch highly-targeted promotions based on up-to-date customer data flowing from Segment straight to your Voucherfiy account. 

Here is an example of an Identity Call:

  email: ''

API Limits

The Identity Custom Events saved in Voucherify will consume your API per hour/minute and API call per month limit.

Other possibilities are offered by the Segment Tracking option. Tracking API defines how and what events should be recorded and transferred. Received events will be carried to Voucherify as Custom Events related to the Customer, with an event name <event_name>.

Here is an example of a Tracking Call which would be saved in Voucherify as  Registration Completed:

analytics.track('Registration Completed',{ 
 userId: 'cust_0853_du_0932' 

Here you will find a detailed guide on the Voucherify + Segment integration

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