How to create SMS distribution?

💡This guide assumes you have already familiarized with the Distribution Manager basics.

Use the Voucherify dashboard to share your codes via SMS 📱

Before you start 🏁

  1. Go to the integrations and define your SMS providers.
  2. Open the Distributions view.
  3. Run the manager with the Plus.

Integrations directory

Open distribution

Manual mode 👋

Let’s select MANUAL MESSAGE and go to the 2nd stage.   

Manual message

Select a distribution purpose. You can choose from:
  • a message that informs eligible customers about a cart-level promotion 
  • a message with unique codes from a campaign
  • a message without codes sent in your customized template

Message purpose


To add your audience, you can:

  • Choose one of the customers from the list.
  • Send to all customers who belong to a segment.
  • Segment your audience based on marketing permissions.

Distribution audience


In the 4th step, add a subject line.

Title your message

In the 5th stage, you need to:
1. Choose SMS channel and define SMS provider.      
SMS channel
   2. Write your message by using the text editor. You can personalize a message with the text editor and merge tags (variables) such as:
  • customer's name,
  • coupon code in text format,
  • coupon code in QR format.


3. Add reminders (optionally) - you can read more here.
When your message is ready, choose SEND and the creator will deliver codes to your customers instantly.

Automatic mode 🤖

The point is to deliver a code automatically when the customer enters a chosen segment or perform a particular event, e.g., abandon a cart. 

The creation process is very close to the manual; difference appears in the 1st step, where you have to choose the distribution type

Auto messages

In sections 2-6, you can follow steps from the manual mode and add details of the distribution workflow. The crucial part comes down to stage 4 where you need to define a message trigger: 

  • You can build a segment rules which customer needs to match to get a message or 
  • choose an event which a customer needs to perform to get the message.

Automatic distribution audience

To recap, here are all 5 stages of the manager you need to follow:

Select a message purpose

Choose your audience  

Add a message subject

Select a channel and customize a message template

When you get to the end, confirm with SET LIVE, what means that the distribution is on and each new customer who enters the segment / performs an event gets the message automatically. 

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