SMS distribution

This guide assumes you are already familiarized with the Distribution Manager basics.

Besides email and other communication channels, you can also use SMS providers to send Voucherify incentives to your end-customers. 


  1. Available SMS providers
  2. Creating an SMS distribution

Available SMS providers

Voucherify is not a provider of mobile services. However, we offer multiple integrations with top-class SMS providers including Twilio, CM Telecom, Textlocal.

Visit the Integrations tab to connect your Voucherify account with an SMS provider of your choice. 

SMS integrations

Creating SMS distribution

To make sure that your SMS distribution works, first connect your Voucherify account with a mobile provider. 

For this example, we have used Twilio. 

After you successfully connect with an SMS provider, you can start setting up a distribution flow. 

As in the case of email messages, you can create both manual and automatic distribution. 

In the case of automatic distribution, the messages can be triggered by:

  • The customer entered/left the selected segment. 
  • The order status changed (order created, updated, paid, or canceled).
  • The voucher was redeemed or redemption was successfully rolled back. 
  • Gift card credits or loyalty points were added to the customer's profile. 
  • The referral/loyalty reward was redeemed. 
  • The code was successfully published (assigned) to a customer. 

Let's send automatic SMS messages to all customers whose orders changed status to paid. 

To start go to the Distribution tab (1) and choose a relevant message trigger (2). 

SMS distribution

First name your distribution and select the purpose:

  • Notifying customers about a promotion (you will be asked to provide the promotion tier name).
  • Sending a unique code from a campaign (you will be asked to select the coupon campaign).
  • Sending a plain message. 

Distribution conditions

Next, choose marketing consents that you can create in the Project Settings. You can also disable the use of consents by checking the option Disable consents verification. 

In the third step, select the channel (SMS) and select your SMS provider (e.g., Twilio).

SMS channel

Then, proceed to design your text message. You can customize the text and add multiple variables such as customer name, voucher code, voucher value, and more.

You can analyze the performance of your campaign with built-in analytics. Learn more here.

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