How to create SMS distributions

This guide assumes you have already familiarized with the Distribution Manager basics.

Use the Voucherify dashboard to share your codes via SMS.

Before you start:
  1. Go to the integrations and define your SMS providers.
  2. Open the Distributions view.
  3. Run the manager with the Plus.

Manual mode

Let’s select MANUAL MESSAGE and go to the 2nd stage.
Select a distribution purpose. You can choose from:
  • a message that informs eligible customers about a cart-level promotion 
  • a message with unique codes from a campaign
  • a message without codes sent in your customized template


To add your audience, you can:

  • choose one of the customers from the list,
  • Send to all customers who belong to a segment


In the 4th step, add a subject line.

In the 3rd stage, you need to:
1. Choose SMS channel and define SMS provider.         2. Write your message by using the text editor. You can personalize a message with the text editor and merge tags such as:
  • customer's name,
  • coupon code in text format,
  • coupon code in QR format.

3. Add reminders (optionally) - you can read more here.

When your message is ready, choose SEND and the creator delivers codes to your customers instantly.

Automatic mode

The point is to deliver a code automatically when the customer enters a chosen segment or perform a particular event, e.g., abandon a cart. 

The creation process is very close to the manual; difference appears in the 1st step, where you have to choose the distribution type

In sections 2-6, you can follow steps from the manual mode and add details of the distribution workflow. The crucial part comes down to stage 4 where you need to define a message trigger: 

  • You can build a segment rules which customer needs to match to get a message or 
  • choose an event which a customer needs to perform to get the message.

To recap, here are all 5 stages of the manager you need to follow:

2. Select a message purpose

3. Choose your audience 

4. Add a message subject

5. Select a channel and customize a message template

When you get to the end, confirm with SET LIVE, what means that the distribution is on and each new customer who enters the segment / performs an event gets the message automatically.