Distribution channels overview

In this section, we present Voucherify integrations which allow you to send coupons straight from Voucherify to your external customers' databases ⬇️



CM Telecom















Custom email provider (e.g., Gmail, MS Exchange)







Go here to learn about different distribution channels.

Voucherify enables you to send emails straight from the dashboard without any external providers needed. However, if you prefer to work with your existing toolkit, we made a list of all built-in integrations you can use with your Voucherify account.

To begin with, click on your profile and choose Integrations. You'll get an overview of all integrations which support the distribution of your codes 

Integrations list

Twilio integration

You can connect your Twilio account with Voucherify and send SMS messages with codes to Twilio customers: 

  1. Press Twilio to expand the options.
  2. Put an account SID, Auth token, and a sender phone number.
  3. Choose Connect 🔗

Twilio integration SMS Distribution

CM Telecom integration

Send SMS messages with coupon codes straight from Voucherify:

  1. Choose CM Telecom to expand the options.
  2. Write down an API key (you'll find it in your CM Telecom account) and the sender's name.
  3. Click Connect 🔗

Cm Telecom Integration SMS Distribution

The integration with CM Telecom consumes webhook limits for sending messages.

Mandrill integration

With this integration, you'll be able to send emails with Voucherify codes through Mandrill infrastructure.

  1. Choose Mandrill to expand the options.
  2. Go to your Mandrill Settings page and copy an API key. 
  3. Write down the API key, the sender's email address, and the sender's email label.
  4. Choose Connect 🔗

Mandrill Integration email distribution

The integration with Mandrill consumes webhook limits for sending messages.

Mailchimp integration

You can sync Mailchimp lists and distribute codes to your Mailchimp customers.

To see a detailed tutorial with Mailchimp distribution, visit Distribution with Mailchimp.

MailChimp Integration email distribution

SendGrid integration

Send transactional emails with Voucherify codes to your Customers by using a SendGrid integration:

  1. Go to your SendGrid account and copy an API key from the settings.
  2. In Voucherify Integrations, press SendGrid to expand the options.
  3. Add your domain which you will use in a sender's email.
  4. Write down the sender's email address and label.
  5. Choose Connect 🔗

Sendgrid integration email distibution

Mailgun integration

Integrate Voucherify with your Mailgun account and send transactional emails with voucher codes to your Customers. To connect both accounts, go to your Mailgun Control Panel, and copy the API key. Provide the required fields in the Voucherify Integrations directory, don't forget to set properly the domain you will use in the sender's email.

MailGun integration email distribution

The integration with MailGun uses webhook limits for sending messages.

Braze integration

Voucherify <> Braze integration enables you to send vouchers with your Braze account. More details are in this tutorial.

Braze integration sms distribution


Send coupon codes to your customers straight from Voucherify:

  1. Choose Textlocal to expand the options.
  2. Write down an API key (you'll find it in your Textlocal control panel) and a sender's name.
  3. Click Connect 🔗

    Textlocal integration sms distribution

The integration with Textlocal consumes webhook limits for sending messages.


Voucherify account integrates with Tabology and creates a seamless experience for your guests. You can easily plug Voucherify promotions into Tabology products and make the management of your business straightforward. 

Tabology integration

Read more details about Tabology here.

Custom email address

With Voucherify integration, you can connect your mailbox to Voucherify and use it to distribute emails with Voucherify codes. To get access to this feature, you need to be a paying user and send a request to our support team. Then you can easily add your mailbox by choosing a respective integration in Project Settings and typing the email address. Remember to confirm with Connect. 

Custom email service


You can connect Voucherify with Intercom by using two apps:

  • Voucherify app, which enables you to send messages from the Voucherify dashboard to Intercom segments (Read more here).

Intercom Integration - livechat/email distribution

  • Voucherify Rewards, which provides predefined messages sent instantly from the Messenger window in response to a complaint or other scheduled events (Read more here).

Voucherify Rewards livechat distribution

If you are interested in more Voucherify Integrations, see the docs

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