Intercom - send promo codes from live chat window

Each dissatisfied customer can become your best advocacy. Even though mistakes have to happen, you can control the damage and protect your branding image from harm. 

With Voucherify integration for Intercom, you can trigger a personalized "sorry" coupon or a gift card in response to a submitted complaint. Apologies are sent instantly from the Messenger window before any negative mentions start harming your brand.

In this section:

  1. Installation
  2. Configuration
  3. Respond to complaints
  4. Auto-update mode

Voucherify released another app for Intercom -  Rewards. It enables you to send promo codes straight from a messenger window.



In the first step, find Voucherify in the Intercom App Store


Choose 'Install now' and 'Connect' 


While integrating accounts, you'll be redirected to your Voucherify dashboard to choose which of your Voucherify projects should be plugged in. 

 When the installation is done, you'll be back to your Intercom account


Now, you can specify priorities and map them to existing Campaigns. Go to the Integrations directory in the Voucherify dashboard and expand integration details

Respond to complaints


From now on, you can instantly respond to complaints by sending Voucherify codes straight from the Messenger. 

When the message is ready, choose 'Send'


Your customers get their codes by clicking on a CTA button in a message

That's it!

Auto-update mode

Note that it may be worth to choose an auto-update campaign mode to manage all complaints without worries that codes will run out. The auto-update mode extends campaign with new codes according to your current needs.