Klaviyo Integration

Klaviyo is a unified customer platform enabling brands to take complete control of consumer data and interactions. By utilizing over 250 native integrations, brands can automate email, SMS, and push communications, providing a more personalized experience for customers.

Voucherify provides a ready-to-go integration with Klaviyo, enabling you to share Voucherify codes via Klaviyo.

The integration supports:

  • Sharing of promo codes, referral codes, loyalty card codes, and gift cards. 
  • Sharing related campaign information such as publication date, QR codes, or links to customer cockpits. 
  • Saving and updating custom properties in Klaviyo related to the Voucherify distribution. 
  • Creating and modifying customers in Klaviyo.

Our integration with Klaviyo uses messages limits for sending codes to Klaviyo. You can read more about messages limits in our Fair Use Policy.


  1. Integration configuration
  2. Distribution and assignment of promo codes
  3. Application of custom properties in Klaviyo

Integration configuration

The integration requires generating a new API key in Klaviyo. Additionally, the API key needs to be configured to ensure full access to the API Scope – Profiles to allow Voucherify to add and modify customer attributes. 

In Klaviyo, go to Settings > Account tab > API keys tab on the left sidebar.

Select Create Private API Key to generate a new key and choose Full Access for Profiles:

Once the API key is added, it will be visible in Klaviyo.

With the Klaviyo API key ready, connect both tools by going to Voucherify Dashboard > Integrations tab. Select Klaviyo and provide the API key in the pop-up screen.

Distribution and assignment of promo codes

With both platforms connected, you can start a new Voucherify distribution that assigns a unique code to the Custom Properties in the user profile in Klaviyo. Later, you can use received attributes in your Klaviyo campaigns and emails.

Create a new distribution. Choose the trigger, fill in the name, and choose to send and publish codes from Voucherify. Choose the source of codes from an appropriate campaign. 

Select Klaviyo as the distribution channel and map the fields you want to transfer to Klaviyo. Note that each published voucher will be transferred alongside the respective barcode and QR code, allowing you to run omnichannel campaigns. 

In the integration, the customer’s Source ID in Voucherify is used to find the respective Klaviyo ID to update the voucher code. We suggest using a single ID in Klaviyo and Voucherify. The source_id in Voucherify should match either the External_id of the profile or the Unique ID of the profile in Klaviyo. If the customer profile still has not been found, Voucherify sends the customer data with the phone and email address details (but without the name) to Klaviyo. Then, Voucherify’s Customer ID is used to automatically create a new External ID in Klaviyo.

Application of custom properties in Klaviyo

Once the distribution is live, Voucherify will automatically assign codes to Custom properties in user profiles in Klaviyo.

We recommend that Klaviyo ID of the User Profile be the same as Voucherify customer Source ID. The best way to achieve this is to import the User Profiles from Klaviyo (e.g., via a CSV file) into Voucherify. You can also use Voucherify Customer ID as an External ID in Klaviyo. This happens when you distribute coupon codes to a Voucherify customer who is not added in Klaviyo, as described above.

The Voucherify code is added to the Klaviyo user profile as a Custom property. In case of issues, check the Analytics tab of your Voucherify Distribution for effective troubleshooting and transparent logs. 

With the Voucherify code saved in Klaviyo user profile, you can personalize your messaging with promo codes. All it takes is using the Klaviyo personalization feature to paste custom properties that will be dynamically upserted when the messages are sent.

Here is an example of a final email message with a Voucherify promo code attached:

Besides being sent, the Voucherify code is also automatically assigned to a respective customer. You can check all owned incentives of a given customer by going to the Wallet tab on the customer profile page.

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