How to export codes to print them out?

Taking into account differences amongst customers' preferences, Voucherify provides online and offline (in-store) delivery. The hand-to-hand distribution is possible with an Export tool which downloads your vouchers in a CSV file ➡️

To import coupons from Voucherify to your device, follow these steps 🙌

Create a campaign with codes you want to export.
Display a tab with vouchers from the chosen campaign.

Export vouchers

Run the Export tool.

Export to csv

Select coupon data that you want to download and confirm with Export.

Choosing voucher data for export

In the response, the app informs that your vouchers are exported. To finish the process click on the notification and downloading starts instantly.

Notification about successful export

Once the file with coupons is downloaded, you can print them to share with customers or edit their details and import to Voucherify, what we are going to describe in the next section. Below, you can see the exemplary CSV file with Voucherify coupons.

Examplary CSV coupons

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