Your First Promo Campaign

ln this tutorial, we are going to explore the Campaign Manager. It enables you to run all built-in promotion types like:

  • Unique discount codes.
  • Public (standalone) discount codes.
  • Prepaid gift cards.
  • Loyalty programs.
  • Referral campaigns.
  • And cart-level promotions.


  1. How to start?
  2. Campaign Manager glossary
  3. Step-by-step guides
  4. Webinars

How to start?

To open the Campaign Manager, go to the Campaigns or Vouchers menu and click the plus.

To create a new campaign, decide which promotion type you'd like to launch and click Create. 

You can choose between:

  • Discount coupons  The Manager creates a campaign of unique coupon codes (bulk codes) or a single standalone code.
  • Gift cards – The Manager creates prepaid digital gift cards grouped in a campaign or a single standalone gift card. The cards with prepaid monetary balance can work as a digital wallet.
  • Referral codes – The Manager creates a single- or double-sided referral program with digital referral codes that you can assign to referrers.
  • Promotion – The Manager creates a single- or multi-tiered promotion with an in-cart discount. No codes are needed to apply the discount. 
  • Loyalty program – The Manager creates digital loyalty cards that store customers' points. The program defines rules of earning points and rules of exchanging points for rewards. 

Campaign Manager glossary

The Campaign Manager directs you through the creation of a promo campaign. In the glossary, you can learn basic definitions and features offered by the Manager.

  • Bulk codes – if you check this option, the Manager will create a campaign of unique codes.
  • Standalone code – if you check this option, the Manager will create a single code instead of a unique code campaign.
  • Auto-update mode – this feature auto-extends your campaign. When the initial batch of codes runs out, Voucherify automatically generates new ones.
  • Customers can join only once – allows your customers to join the campaign only once and get only one unique code from the campaign assigned to their profile.
  • Category – optional campaign attribute that you can use to filter out campaigns. 
  • Code redemption limit – defines redemption limit per code.
  • Code count – defines the initial batch of codes that will be generated when the campaign is created.
  • Advanced code settings – define a code pattern (for discount coupons, gift cards, or loyalty and referral cards). 
  • Validation rules – define redemption limits and rules. You can add them in the Campaign Manager or the dedicated dashboard section. Read more here.
  • Metadata – store your custom attributes. Each metadata attribute is a key/value pair that you can use for reporting purposes or to create custom validation rules. Read more here.

Step-by-step tutorials

Follow our step-by-step tutorials to create a promo campaign:


Please note that to manage redemptions of created codes in your customer touchpoints, you need to build a connection to Voucherify API first. Read more about the implementation here.


If you prefer watching over reading, you can learn about supported promotion types and Voucherify features in dedicated webinars.

Voucherify webinars

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