Data Migration

Whether you are switching promotion providers or moving away from an in-house system, our technical team will help you migrate without hitting the brakes on your campaigns. 

Here is what you can expect from our migration services:

  • Our team’s non-stop support and consultation demos. 
  • Data security and no downtime for end customers. 
  • Flexible data storage mechanisms (metadata) that allow for a complete implementation of any business-specific objects and corner cases.

How to migrate campaigns from an in-house system to Voucherify?

To ensure the continuity of your promo campaigns, you should plan how to transition your legacy campaigns without causing harm to the shopping experience. Voucherify offers plenty of CRM-related options, which means that you can securely store and operate on various data objects to inform your promotional strategy. You can migrate the following data entities:

  • Customer information.
  • Product & SKU information.
  • Voucher codes (discount coupons, loyalty cards, referral codes, gift cards).
  • Custom events.
  • Metadata (custom attributes).

When you are getting started with Voucherify and decide to import legacy data into our platform, you can do so in two ways – using API or a CSV import. To limit the number of API calls consumed, it is best to use CSV import which you can initiate via API or manually with the Dashboard. 

Note that the upload of customer and product data is optional. Your development team may operate on the source_id property to target selected users and products with promo campaigns. 

We offer dedicated technical migration support services if you need additional support in translating your legacy data to Voucherify properties or have other migration-related questions. Don't fret about experiencing challenges, our support team is all set to aid you with any tasks. Submit a migration request here

Migrating campaigns from Talon.One to Voucherify

Voucherify encourages marketing and development teams across the world to choose any Promotion Engine that fits their needs without breaking the continuity of campaigns. Below we’ve outlined the key perks our customers enjoy once they migrate their promotion data from Talon.One to Voucherify:

  • Significant savings – Voucherify offers a forever free plan, as well as three other plans at a cost-effective price. Our Enterprise-level service is also available at a much more affordable price for the same or better level of service. 
  • Dedicated builders – Separate campaign builders and a marketer-friendly UI make Voucherify the obvious choice for your marketing team thanks to a shallow learning curve and quicker campaign setup.
  • Open roadmap – We are open to hearing your feedback on what features and functionalities you would like to see implemented in Voucherify.
  • Predictable pricing – With Voucherify, you can be sure that the subscription price won't drastically increase once the starter contract ends. Learn more here

Go here to see a complete comparison between Voucherify and Talon.One.

If you believe that Talon.One is too expensive or does not suit your individual needs, our team can help you translate Talon.One API into language that Voucherify API will understand. Here is how this process works:

  1. Contact our team to define the migration scope and your expectations.
  2. Define the data that you want to export from Talon.One into Voucherify.
  3. Voucherify team analyzes the data and proposes a migration procedure. Depending on the complexity of your campaigns, the migration process can vary. 
  4. Perform a test import to verify if the results are correct. The Sandbox project can be used for a test migration.
  5. Perform the final migration. 

All of the above steps can be tailored to your unique needs and are performed in close collaboration between Voucherify and your team. The migration service is free of charge. 

How did a popular mobility company make a switch and now saves on subscription cost?

Some time ago, the Voucherify team was approached by one of the most popular mobility brands that was looking for a quick way to migrate from Talon.One to Voucherify. Because of the piling subscription costs, the client intended to import Talon.One vouchers into Voucherify to continue campaigns without breaking the experience for their growing user base. 

After analyzing the client’s needs, the Voucherify team suggested the most efficient way to translate Talon.One properties into Voucherify. It turned out that voucher restrictions and attributes don’t need to be based on the validation rules mechanism. Instead, the client decided to use Voucherify metadata to migrate business-specific voucher attributes. Here is a short snippet of the JSON structure that the client used:

Thanks to the client’s strategic decision to change the promotion service, their team can continue to run creative behavior-based promo campaigns at a fraction of the original price. By preparing a well-structured data import file, the Voucherify team could easily perform the migration. Whenever there was an error in the file, the client and Voucherify team were quickly able to mitigate any risks and continue the migration process without costly breaks or errors. All thanks to open and direct communication between both teams. 

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