Batch integration

An image showing Voucherify and Batch logos with an arrow between them. The arrow is directed from Voucherify to Batch

This integration allows you to send data from Voucherify to Batch. You can trigger sending messages through action-based delivery and, as a result, send out codes to customers:

  • During bulk delivery to a customer segment,
  • When a customer enters or leaves a customer segment,
  • As a response to an outstanding order or a custom event, 
  • And more!

The integration with Batch consumes message limits for sending codes in accordance with the Fair Use Policy. The customer must be already recorded in Batch before the action-based delivery.


  1. Setting up the integration
    1. Batch
    2. Voucherify
  2. Distribution process

Setting up the integration


The configuration of the connection requires a set of API keys available in the General App Settings of Batch.

The keys need to be provided in Voucherify.


To configure the integration in Voucherify:

  1. Click your user name in the top right corner to display the drop-down menu.
  2. Go to Integrations.
  3. Scroll down to the Batch section.
  4. Click the Connect button to open the integration menu.
  5. Provide the API keys generated in Batch.

Distribution process

Once the Batch integration is enabled, you can start sending data to Batch in a distribution.

Customer data bases

Your Voucherify customer database should be up-to-date with your Batch customer database for the distribution to work correctly.

Channels choice and messages in the Voucherify distribution menu showing a sample configuration of Batch messaging

As a result the data shared via Voucherify will be stored in the user’s attributes in Batch.

	u.voucher_code "blackfriday-3LBhfTr"
	u.voucher_code_barcode ""
	u.voucher_code_publication_date 09/11/2023 14:09UTC
	u.voucher_code_qr ""
	u.voucher_code_value "$10.00"

If the user attribute is enabled in the Custom Data configuration, you can start using the provided data in messaging.

An example of a message in Batch showing a Voucherify voucher code tag

The detailed process on how to use coupon codes is described in this Batch article.

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