Code Publication

Publication means assigning a code to a particular customer. Typically, a publication is made by distributing your codes to your customers. From the moment the code was delivered to a customer, it's visible in his/her profile in Voucherify. 


  1. How publication works
  2. How to publish codes
  3. Publication source id

How publication works

Publications are required for loyalty cards and referral codes to work properly and are optional for coupons or gift cards. In the case of referral codes, publications enable the application to count referred customers. Loyalty cards need to be assigned to collect customer’s points. Unique coupons and gift cards can also be published to particular customers to secure your incentives from misuse better. 

Thanks to publications, you can use the following campaign rules:

  • Customer can join campaign only once – optional campaign mode ensuring that each customer can own only one code from the given campaign. You can enable this campaign mode in the Campaign Manager > Program Size.
  • Only for a customer who is a holder of the code – validation rule that limits code redemptions to a customer who has the code published to his/her account. Only the code owner can use the code. You can find this rule in the Advanced validation rules category. 
  • Keep valid for a specific amount of time after publishing – allows you to define how many days or hours the code is valid since it was published to the customer. You can find this limit in the Campaign Manager > Timeframe. All time-related limits are optional and described precisely in this guide.

Read on to learn how you can publish codes.

How to publish codes

Distribution is not the only way to publish vouchers, gift cards, or loyalty cards to your customers. Let's list them all:

  • Manual publish in a detailed voucher view in the Dashboard.First, you can add an optional publication source id. Then, in the Customer tab, you need to define a customer that becomes a code owner (required). The remaining sections with Customer metadata and Publication metadata are optional and let you assign custom attributes to customer or publication. Read more about metadata.
  • Distribution using the Dashboard that sends and publishes unique codes. There are many distribution channels like email, SMS, Intercom, MailChimp, Braze, and more.

  • Publish via Voucherify Landing Pages (automatically connected to your account)

  • Publish via web widget on your landing page

Web widget

No matter which channel or method you choose, the result of each publication is assigning a code to a particular customer.

Please note that each Voucherify code can be published to one customer only. 

Publication source id

Source id is an optional tracking identifier of a publication. Invoking publication with a particular source id always returns the exactly same code published in the first place and assigned to the given publication. As a result, you can use publication API as a reference. Read more here

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