How to import/update my customers' data?

Run through this tutorial to learn how to import or update your customers' data with CSV file. 

You can import customers details programmatically or through the Customers user interface. There are 2 modes of import with CSV. The first one creates new customer entities, the second one updates existing records.

In this section:

  1. Import new customers
  2. Update existing customers' profiles

Customers' details can be updated through CSV import or manually with the Edit tool in a Customers' profile 🖊️

Edit Customer

Import new customers ⬇️

This mode creates new customers and assigns them a Voucherify customer id. The CSV file format looks as follows: 

Import new customers - CSV file format

💡 You can add multiple metadata  columns.

To begin with, go to the Customers view and choose the Import manager.

Import manager

In the import manager you need to follow these steps:

  1. Upload the CSV file with your customers' data.
  2. Map your attributes. The mapping tells Voucherify what kind of customer's properties are assigned to particular columns in your CSV.

Look at the example below: there are 4 columns with customer’s attributes; you need to match each of them to a respective property in the manager:

Mapping customer attributes to Voucherify

Firstly, choose a property from the list of your CSV columns. In the next step, select a predefined type and a matching property from the list of Voucherify attributes. Confirm each mapping with Add Mapping.

Mapping attributes

 In case you can't find your property on the list, change the predefined type to the custom one and add a new property to Voucherify 👍

For example, payment method is not a predefined attribute so if you want to map it, you need to add a custom attribute:

Adding new mapping

Payment method

💡  The property name cannot contain white-space characters.

When the mapping is ready, confirm with import. You will be notified once the file is uploaded successfully. 

Choose Reload to see the new entity in the tab and the `Customer ID` assigned. 

New customers

Customer update 🔄

It updates existing customer records with parameters specified in the respective columns of the CSV file. The `id` parameter is required in this case. In the following example, we're going to modify Jane's email address. See the exemplary input file:

Customer update

Use the Import tool to upload a file and update the entity


If you want to modify just a single record, there's no need to prepare a CSV file. You can do it in the Customer Details view. 

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