How to create individual customer profiles?

Every time a new customer enters your database synced with Voucherify, the app create a unique individual profile automatically. If you click on the customer name in the dashboard, you'll see the customer data, their order history, activity, and assigned promo codes. 

Customer profile provides you with the following data:

  • DETAILS - customer name, address, birthday, gift card balance.
  • REDEMPTION HISTORY - this section stores all redemptions with detailed redemption information made by a customer.
  • VOUCHERS section shows you all promo codes assigned (published) to a customer, divided into categories.

Create a new profile

You can add a new customer profile by using a Plus in the top right corner

After you provide the manager with customer data, confirm with SAVE.

You can always edit your customers' profiles. To do so, enter their profile and choose a pencil tool. Remember to confirm each change with SAVE.

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