How to create individual customer profiles?

Every time a new customer enters your database synced with Voucherify, the app creates a unique individual profile automatically. If you click on the customer name in the dashboard, you'll see the customer data, their order history, activity, and assigned promo codes 👁️👁️

Individual customer profile

Customer profile provides you with the following data:

  • DETAILS - customer name, address, birthday, gift card balance.
  • REDEMPTION HISTORY - this section stores all redemptions with detailed redemption information made by a customer.
  • VOUCHERS - all promo codes assigned (published) to a customer, divided into categories.
  • MARKETING PERMISSIONS - shows you what consents have been given by the customer to ensure GDPR-compliance. 
  • LOGS - here you can track all the activities taken by a customer.

Create a new profile 💁

You can add a new customer profile by using a Plus in the top right corner.

Adding a new customer

After you provide the manager with customer data, confirm with SAVE ✅

New Customer Saving

You can always edit your customers' profiles. To do so, enter their profile and choose a pencil tool. Remember to confirm each change with SAVE ✅

Edit a customer

Learn how to group your customers using filters and segments >>>

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