How to Redeem Promo Codes?

In this guide, we present all redemption points you can create for customers to let them utilize Voucherify promotions.

Voucherify API supports the redemption of stackable discounts (up to 30 incentives per call).

Redemption points:

  1. API integration
  2. Embedded widget
  3. E-commerce integrations
  4. Mobile app
  5. Landing pages
  6. Voucherify Dashboard

API integration

To manage redemptions, it is highly recommended that you connect your system with the Voucherify API programmatically. Although it requires some effort from your developers, we did our best to make it smooth and easy. The programmatic integration enables you to build Voucherify into any point in your sales funnel. You can connect Voucherify with your CRM, BI tools, checkout page, product catalog, payment gateways, mobile app, and more. 
To start the integration process of Voucherify, point your developers to the Developer Hub. Our tech team provides customer support along the way and will be happy to help with the integration or any questions you may have.

Now, let's see how you and your customers can manage redemptions with Voucherify plugged into your system.

Redemptions with API integration

Codes can be redeemed during a purchase in your online store or mobile app. The integration enables you to generate promo campaigns and cart-level discounts in Voucherify and run them on your website/application.

Redemptions via API

Each time a customer tries to redeem their code, Voucherify validates it and sends a response about the redemption status to your system. As a result, only customers who meet campaign criteria and own valid codes can make a redemption.

If you sync your CRM, coupon data with redemption details, constantly collected in Voucherify, are delivered to your database.

Redemptions with an embedded widget

One of the most convenient and flexible ways to allow your customers to interact with Voucherify coupons/gift cards are pre-built widget forms. You can place the redeem widget on your landing page and enable your customers to redeem codes online.  Go to Voucherify.js SDK to find embeddable JavaScript forms that can be put on your site with a single line of code.

Remember to allow for  client-side redemptions before placing the widget on your landing page. You can do it in your Project Settings.

Besides redemptions, the widgets can also help you acquire new customers by offering a coupon in exchange for customer data. What's important is that they are fully customizable—you can change the visible fields and decide which are required/optional to redeem/get a code.

Customisable widget

Redemptions with e-commerce integrations

Voucherify offers commerce integrations that are available to you out of the box:

Please follow the links above to respective tutorials to finish the installation and configuration process of the integration. Voucherify plugins enable your customers to redeem codes on the checkout page and use cart-level discounts created in the Voucherify Dashboard. 


Offline redemptions via mobile app

Voucherify offers a free mobile app that enables staff at brick-and-mortar locations to validate and redeem codes. By scanning QR codes, your customers can seamlessly utilize their coupons at brick-and-mortar stores. 

You can download the app here – Android or iOS.

Mobile app redemption

Read more about offline redemptions with the app here.

Redemptions via Landing Pages

You can also redeem codes using your landing pages.

Redemptions via Dashboard

If you would like to run a Voucherify campaign in your brick-and-mortar locations, you may also instruct your staff to redeem codes manually via the Dashboard. To safeguard your data against unauthorized activity, use access control functionalities. To redeem the code via the Dashboard, find a specific voucher by going to the Vouchers tab, and click Redeem.  

You can also redeem the code manually in the Redemptions tab in the Campaign Hub section. Click the Plus and provide redemption details.

First, choose the type of incentive you want to redeem.

In the Redemption Manager, provide redemption details:

1. Select the code that you want to redeem and go to the Next step

2. Add customer details by choosing their name from the list. This step is optional.

3. In the 3rd section, you can optionally add order details. In the case of gift cards, the total order amount is required. 

The list of order items is optional unless the code has product-specific validation rules attached. To add items to the customer cart, choose  Create an order. Find the product, define its quantity, and choose Add order item.

When all items are in the cart, go to the Next step.

4. If you're redeeming a gift card, decide how much of the current gift card balance you want to spend (redeem).

When ready, go to the Next step. The metadata section is optional and enables you to attach custom attributes to your redemption. Please note that each metadata property should be added first to your metadata schema to provide data integrity.

When ready, go to the Summary and redeem the code. 

The redemption result and details are noted in the code's dashboard (Redemption history).

In the case of gift card redemption, the card balance is automatically updated.

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