BigCommerce Integration

In this section

  1. BigCommerce integration overview
  2. Installation
  3. Data synchronization
  4. Coupons and gift cards - validation and redemption
  5. Validation rules

Voucherify <> BigCommerce

Connect your store with Voucherify account and let your customers redeem Voucherify promo codes/gift cards in the storefront. BigCommerce integration enables you to sync your promotions, customers, orders, products, and SKUs. All updates from your BigCommerce dashboard are sent to your Voucherify database in real time. 


To connect both accounts, start with logging in to your BigComerce account. Open Advanced Settings:

In the next step, you need to generate API keys for Voucherify. Go to API Accounts (1) and choose Create API Account (2)

Name your new API Account and copy API path (it'll be needed later on, in the Voucherify dashboard). The API account for Voucherify needs the following OAuth Scopes in your BigCommerce shop: 

  • Content (modify), 
  • Checkout Content (modify), 
  • Customers (read-only), 
  • Marketing (modify), 
  • Orders (read-only), 
  • Products (read-only), 
  • Carts (read-only), 
  • Checkouts (modify) (3).

Choose Save and log into your Voucherify account. Open Integration Directory (1) and expand BigCommerce button (2)

Paste API path and the API keys generated in the previous step in BigCommerce panel

Confirm with Connect to sync both accounts. The app will confirm if the installation is complete with 'Connected' button next to the BigCommerce integration. Now, install scripts to sync databases and enable your customers to redeem Voucherify codes. 

Data synchronization from BigCommerce to Voucherify 

When your bigCommerce store is already connected, data are synced in real time. It means that every time new customer, order, product or SKU appears in your bigCommerce account, it is automatically created in the connected Voucherify dashboard.

A new customer from bigCommerce database is visible in Voucherify in no time

Coupons and gift cards

After installation of the scripts, your customers can enter Voucherify coupon codes and gift cards when purchasing in your store.

When a customer enters a code and chooses 'apply', Voucherify automatically validates the code and displays response. 

Validation rules

You can use validation rules based on 

  • customer segments, 
  • specific products 
  • and order structure. 

During the redemption, Voucherify validates each code accordingly to the attached validation rules. You can read more about validation rules here.