Branding and white-label capabilities in Voucherify

It's important to make your promotions consistent with your branding image. Thanks to the built-in features, the way your promotions look, work, and get to your end customers can be tailored according to the designs and patterns approved in your marketing strategy. 

Let's explore all white-labeling possibilities in Voucherify.

Company details & consents in promo messages

In Project Settings, Voucherify will ask you about your brand details and marketing consents policy. Information provided in this section will be used during distribution of your promo codes or emails announcing a new campaign. 

The app will automatically equip every email footer with your company details and marketing consents in the form of checkboxes. 

Integration with your CRM ecosystem

Voucherify enables you to send all created codes (including gift cards, loyalty, and referral codes) via many marketing channels. In the Integration directory, you can find built-in connections with distribution apps such as:

  • MailChimp
  • Braze
  • Intercom
  • Mandrill
  • Sendgrid
  • Textlocal 
  • ActiveCampaign 
  • Twilio 
  • CM Telecom
  • Mailgun

It means that you can leverage templates and databases collected in external apps to deliver promotions to your end customers.

Create advanced code patterns of your promotions

You can create patterns for coupons, gift certificates, loyalty cards, referral codes and also referral/loyalty rewards. 

Unique codes campaign with a predefined code pattern

Fixed code customized to fit the brand

While creating a new campaign of unique codes, fixed codes, loyalty or referral program you can precisely define codes/cards structure:

  • pattern
  • charset
  • length
  • prefix
  • postfix

Effortlessly promote your brand and interact with your customers

Create and publish landing pages where your customers can gain and redeem incentives.    
Design customised multi-channel messages with promo codes and special offers.
Place ready-to-go web widgets on your website to enable client-side interactions with Voucherify codes.
Customise customer cockpits to be in full control of your customers' view. 

Landing pages creator

Create websites automatically connected to your Voucherify account. With built-in templates, you can collect new signups, invite customers to your referral/loyalty campaigns, and allow for client-side redemptions. 

All templates are freely customisable allowing you to design a page that reflects your marketing principles and branding style. 

Besides offering Voucherify codes to your visitors, you can also manage redemptions of already published (sent) incentives.

When a template is ready, Voucherify enables you to publish it with a single click. Right after it's published, you can share a link with your customers and place in on your homepage. Thanks to the automatic connection with your Voucherify account, all publications, redemptions and customers data collected on landing pages will be visible in the dashboard.

Go here to learn more about possibilities offered by Voucherify in terms of landing pages.

Multi-channel distribution manager

Next to the previously-mentioned integrations, Voucherify enables you to create tailored emails straight from the dashboard, without external providers. In the distribution manager, you can choose if you want to deliver a message via your favourite app like MailChimp or Braze, or if you want to use Voucherify email engine. 

Email editor with your domain

Voucherify provides a simple configuration to connect your custom domain. As a result, you can use Voucherify built-in email engine to create and send emails with your domain in sender data.

Built-in email editor allows you for implementing your branding style. It means that even without a dedicated external app with ready-to-go templates, you can design emails with incentives that are adjusted to your brand's style. 

Remember that you can mix all channels and send the same message via many channels at once, for example: email and SMS.

Ready-to-go web forms for your homepage

Sign up or redeem forms can also be placed on your websites outside Voucherify. You can copy a sample of code which when placed on your website will display simple web form like this:

The form is fully customizable - you can decide which fields are visible and which are mandatory. With widgets, you can plug Voucherify incentives into every customer touchpoint and decide when and where your customers can interact with your promo codes. 

Customise customer cockpits

Each customer in your Voucherify account has their individual cockpit presenting details of their loyalty programs, assigned referral codes and owned incentives (discounts, gift cards). 

You are in full control of the customers' cockpits which means that you can enable and disable certain views.

Voucherify gives you a possibility to freely customise what your customers are able to see in their cockpits. Here, you can also change the colours and logos. 

Go here to learn more. 

Reach out for more with API

If you need custom solutions like social media connections, tracking of customer actions, custom fields attached to your promotions, and so on - no worries. Show Voucherify API to your developers and remember that it was made with developer-friendliness in mind. It means that your tech team can sync tailored solutions and external systems with your Voucherify account in no time.