Customer cockpit overview

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Each customer in your Voucherify account has their individual cockpit presenting details of their loyalty programs, assigned referral codes and owned incentives (discounts, gift cards). You can easily publish links to cockpits using distributions and enable your customers to exchange loyalty points and get easy access to available promo codes.

If a customer participates in a loyalty campaign/campaigns, the first section will present loyalty program details.

To see a cockpit of a given customer, go to Customers tab and click on an individual customer. Then from individual customer view, choose option "Show Cockpit":

Show Cockpit

Exemplary cockpit:

Customer Cockpit overview for loyalty campaign

Below loyalty program details, customers can see discount coupons, gift cards and referral codes assigned to their profile. Incentives are divided into active/inactive categories so a customer knows what promo codes they can use at the moment 😎

Customer cockpit discount

To publish cockpits to your customers, run Voucherify distribution and add a variable with cockpit link to a message template.

Customer Cockpit Variable in Distributions

Your customers will receive a message with a link to their individual cockpit.

Message with cockpit link

Customisation 🎨

You are in full control of the customers' cockpits which means that you can enable and disable certain views.

To see this option, go to Project Settings → Brand Details and you will find Cockpits settings at the bottom of the page.

Cockpits settings

Here you may decide to disable view of all campaigns or disable it only for particular ones.

Let's take a look at one of our customer's cockpit when campaigns overview is enabled ⬇️

customer cockpit enables campaign overview

See what happens when we disable campaigns overview ⬇️

customer cockpit disabled campaign overview

You can also change colours of customers' cockpits.

You can choose between eight colours: default, orange, blue, dark-green, green, grey, purple, red.

Red Customer Cockpit

Footer white-labelling setting include customisable text and possibility to show/hide Voucherify logo and our Privacy Policy link. 

White-labelling possibilities

Keep in mind that "Hosted by" section can only be hidden for Enterprise Customers.

To learn more about Voucherify in term of white labelling go to this article

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